Application for coinsurance in motor third party liability insurance

Motor Coinsurance Application

Application procedures

Please come to AMCM in person for applying the motor coinsurance application.  Please submit with the application form and the required documents.

Required documents

  1. The application form (provided by AMCM).
  2. Three refusal letters issued by non-life insurance companies for declination of the motor insurance.
    (Notice of refusing to renew the current motor insurance contract from the current insurance company could be accepted as one of the refusal letters.)
  3. ID card copies of the car owner(s) and driver(s).
  4. Driving license copies (both front and back page) of the car owner(s) and driver(s).
  5. Certificate of ownership copy for the insured vehicle (except for motor bike vehicle).
  6. Vehicle Registration copy. (For motor bike vehicle, please provide both front and back page copy.)
  7. If the vehicle type is taxi, both the vehicle owners (if applicable) and the drivers (must) are required to submit copies of their valid taxi working permits.
  8. If the vehicle owner is a company, the followings are also needed to be submitted:
    1.  The company’s M1 and M8 forms copy;
    2.  The latest business registration certificate;
    3.  ID copy of the business owner as prescribed in the business registration.
    4.  If the company is a car dealer or repair shop, a supplementary form (designed by the AMCM) is required to be filled, indicating which type of vehicle would be repaired by the company and the business hours of the company. The ID card copy and driver’s license copy of the employee to be insured are also needed to be submitted.
  9. If the vehicle owner is unable to come in person for the application, he / she could appoint another person to come for the application provided with an authorization letter signed by the vehicle owner.
    The vehicle owner could fill in the authorization letter designed by AMCM, or he / she could write his / her own authorization letter provide with the following information:
    1.  The name of the vehicle owner;
    2.  The name of the appointed person;
    3.  The vehicle number;
    4.  The matter of application;
    5.  The signature of the vehicle owner (ID Signature).
    In case of taxi, state whether the owner has a taxi working permit.
    If there are more than one vehicle owner, any vehicle owner who could not attend for the application is required to sign and submit the authorization letter (as one letter or separately).
    The ID card copy of the appointed person is also needed to be provided.

Service location and office hours

Location:The Monetary Authority of Macau (A.M.C.M.) – Insurance Supervision Department

Address:Calçada do Gaio, N° 24 e 26, Macau

Telephone:8395 2210

Fax:2830 1828



Office Hour :

Monday to Thursday : 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:45

Friday : 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:30


The motor co-insurance application is free of charge.  Upon approval of application, the applicant is required to go to a designated insurance company for paying the premium and completing the procedures.

Time required for approval

Applicant will receive information about the special clauses within 7 working days from date of application. (Performance Pledge)

Relevant Specifications or Requirements

The letter of approval for the motor coinsurance is valid for 90 days. If failed to arrange the motor coinsurance within the 90 days period, the applicant must apply again from the AMCM.

Collecting the results

Having presented the required documents, the AMCM will issue a letter of approval showing the terms within 7 working days.  Notice will be sent through sms.  The applicant can then pick up the letter of approval at AMCM, and to arrange the motor insurance at a designated insurance company.


Documents to be presented when collecting the results:

Please state the plate number of the vehicle when getting the approval letter.

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