Periodical Inspection

Mandatory Annual Inspection – Application

How to apply

Application procedures and necessary documents

Documents to submit:


Documents to produce:

  1. Original of the identification document of the vehicle’s owner or his/her entrusted person;
  2. Original of the vehicle’s registration document (livrete, in Portuguese);
  3. Document of the registered vehicle owner;
  4. Valid insurance document of the vehicle.

Addresses and service hours

Apply in person

  • Centre for Motor Vehicle Inspection (Centro de Inspecções de Veículos Automóveis, or CIVA, in Portuguese)
    Address:    Next to the Centre for Driving Lessons and Exams (Centro de Aprendizagem e Exame de Condução, in Portuguese), in Cotai.
    Service hours:    Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 (open during lunch hours).
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Centre for Motorcycle Inspection (Centro de Inspecção de Motociclo em Macau, or CIMM, in Portuguese)
    Address:  On the ground floor of the ETAR Public Car Park, at Avenida 1.º de Maio.
    Service hours:  Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 (open during lunch hours).
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Charges and fees

  1. On the date fixed by the Transport Bureau (DSAT)
    1.  Heavy/industrial vehicle: MOP$350
    2. Light vehicle for private use: MOP$500
    3. Light vehicle for commercial use (for teaching, renting, transport of goods and/or passengers, or used as taxi): MOP$350
    4. Motor scooter/motorcycle for private use: MOP$300
    5. Motor scooter/motorcycle for commercial use (for teaching, renting, or transport of goods): MOP$250
    6. Trailer/semi-trailer: MOP$350
    7. Tricycle: Exempt from inspection charge
  2. Outside the designated period: MOP$2,000
  3. Extra fee for field inspection: MOP$1,000 per motor vehicle
  4. Extra fee for advancement or deferral of inspection: MOP$400 per motor vehicle
  5. Taxi meter inspection: MOP$200
  6. Application form: Free
  7. Stamp duty: Not required


  • Not required

Processing time

On-site inspection will be completed within 1 working day* (Performance pledge).
*Only applies when all required documents have been submitted.

Notes for attention

  1. The application can be made by the vehicle’s owner or his/her entrusted person.
  2. To improve the inspection procedure and reduce the waiting time, from the 1st of January 2020, all inspections related to motor scooters and motorcycles will only be performed at the Centre for Motorcycle Inspection (CIMM), except for driving instruction vehicles.
  3. Only motor scooter/motorcycle related applications can be made at the Centre for Motorcycle Inspection (CIMM).
  4. The vehicle concerned should undergo inspection within the designated period (10 working days). Before designing to utilize the service at the Inspection Centre, it is advised to consult the official website of DSAT regarding the availability of the daily inspection quota. For online booking of inspection, please go to the Transport Bureau’s website, enter the vehicle’s type, its license plate number and the last 8 digits of its VIN number. To check the designated inspection period of your vehicle, please visit the Transport Bureau’s website or call the Transport Affairs Hotline 8866 6363.
  5. Vehicles with inspection booked should be sent to the inspection centre concerned on the appointment day. A vehicle that arrives at the centre without a booking will only be inspected if there is any daily inspection quota left. Owners are advised to book an inspection well in advance. An inspection made outside the designated period will be subject to an extra fee, even if it results from not having any daily inspection quota left.
  6. Owners who need to change the inspection booked should do so before the scheduled appointment day.
  7. For advancement or deferral of inspection, an extra fee of MOP$400 per motor vehicle applies.
  8. To learn more about the application procedures, for special inspection due to changes in the vehicle’s registration document or when required by the authorities, or when the vehicle failed to pass the inspection, please visit the pages “Special Inspection” and “Special Inspection and Re-inspection”, under “Administrative Procedure Guideline” of the Transport Bureau’s website.
  9. A vehicle which, during the inspection, is found to have 8 defects of type 1, or is found to have 1 defect of type 2 (that is, defect that should be eliminated immediately because it is actively or passively harmful to the vehicle’s safety), will be required to undergo a second inspection (free of charge) within a stated period of time. If defect or irregularity is detected during this second inspection, the vehicle will be required to undergo, within 60 days, a special inspection (subject to charges).
  10. An extra fee will be applied to special inspection application made later than the indicated period. If a vehicle has been absent from its inspection, you must present to the reception area at China Plaza, the reception area at “Estrada de D. Maria II”, Motor Vehicles Inspection Centre in Cotai or the  Motorcycle Inspection Centre in the Macao peninsula, to request for a new inspection date which will be within the 10 days counting from the next day of the request and an additional fee is subjected. When the vehicle has been absent for more than 6 months, its registration will be cancelled. For details, please visit the pages “Special Inspection” and “Special Inspection and Re-inspection”, under “Administrative Procedure Guideline” of the Transport Bureau’s website.

Related regulation or requirements

Enquiry about application status

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