Privacy statement

Last update: 2022-04-11

A. Collection of non-personal information and processing

  1. If users merely browse the website of Macao ONE Account (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) but do not use the services of this website nor submit applications, they will not be required to enter their personal information and this website will not collect any personal identifiable information of users. However, the computer system used by this website automatically records the Internet domain name, IP address and region of the users, the start and end dates and time of visits, and the visited websites. Under general circumstances, the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (hereinafter referred to as SAFP) only uses such information for statistical purposes. Unless the visits are found to be hostile attacks to this application, the information will not be used for tracking the users. However, when violations of the law are involved (e.g. attacks to this website), for the requirements of criminal investigations, SAFP may provide the recorded information to law enforcement authorities which may use such information to track the offenders and process the case in accordance with the law.
  2. When users use this website, the executed software may take records of the users’ usage through the technology of “cookies” so as to operate according to the users’ habits subsequently to offer better experience. If users have activated detection of “cookies” in their browsers, they may receive a warning message each time a “cookie” is stored.

B. Collection of personal information and processing

  1. Whenever users provide personal information through this website, they are deemed to agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and give consent to this website to collect and use the information in accordance with the relevant stipulations.
  2. SAFP and public departments, public entities, judicial authorities or private entities (hereinafter referred to as “departments/entities”) responsible for processing such personal information are all required to process the relevant personal information in accordance with the stipulations of Law no.8/2005 “Personal Data Protection Act”.
  3. When using the electronic services of this website, users may be required to log in to their Macao ONE Account and provide personal information needed for using the services. For the provision of such services and under circumstances permitted by law, SAFP and the departments/entities in charge of the services may transfer such information to other departments/entities for processing or obtain the personal information needed for the provision of such services from other departments/entities. The whole process for such departments/entities to process the users’ personal information must also comply with relevant legal stipulations.
  4. For the convenience of users, some electronic services may show the information previously submitted by users so that users do not need to fill in such information again, thus shortening the whole service duration. Showing such information is not only for the convenience of service applicants, but it is also for the need of the service or the departments/entities in charge of the service to keep such information updated. If such information is outdated, users can update it at the departments/entities in charge of the service.

C. Protection of personal information

  1. The staff of SAFP and the departments/entities responsible for processing the relevant personal information observe all stipulations related to the protection of personal information. The processing of the users’ personal information is regulated by measures for confidentiality and the information is stored properly. The personal information of users will be stored until such information no longer serves the purposes upon collection or the expiry of the storage period stipulated by the law. The information concerned will then be destroyed according to the stipulations.
  2. Users have the right to apply for perusal, correction or update of the personal information stored in this website, or directly view and correct such personal information at the departments/entities or law enforcement authorities which receive such personal information from SAFP and store it.

D. Risks

This website has adopted the technology of safe communication protocol based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect the transmission of personal information on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are still certain risks when transferring such information in open networks as it may be seen or used by unauthorised third parties. If users are concerned about the risks, please provide information in ways other than using the Internet.

E. Connection with other websites

When users access other websites via the hyperlinks on this website, it means that they have exited from this website and have entered other websites. SAFP does not bear any responsibility for the content and the privacy policies of those websites. Users are advised to learn about the privacy policies of such websites first.

F. Changes to this statement

Any update to this statement will be published in a new version replacing the old one without further notice, and the date of update will be stated in the document.