Workshop: Promoting Students' Spoken English

Workshop: Promoting Students' Spoken English

活动类型 培训班
举办日期 2019-03-30 09:00:00 ~ 17:00:00 (Saturday) 09:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00
举办地点 University of Saint Joseph – Ilha Verde New Campus(Address: Estrada Marginal da ilha verde, 14-17, Macau)
报名详情 From now until 2019/03/15
活动对象 English teachers
名额 20
费用 Free
主讲者 Professor Elisa Monteiro, University of Saint Joseph
举办机构 Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
制作机构 Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
语言 English
查询方式 84905318 (Ms. Wong Kit U, Crystal) / 83959184 (Mr. Mok Man Hong, Nicholas)
目的 This workshop is designed for English language teachers and aims to offer continuing professional development. The workshop will combine practical content with application through the enhancement of participants’ knowledge and skills/competencies. The participants will be shown various techniques that can help them improve the quality of their teaching and learning approaches to make English classes more engaging and to enhance their students’ speaking skills.
附加讯息 Introduction – The introduction and application of language acquisition methodologies that have been proven effective for increasing learner motivation in language classrooms. Engaging Student Learning Through Cooperative/Collaborative Learning – This section will focus on how to use a variety of group learning techniques and strategies to engage students during group work and to stimulate individual learning. Participants will learn on how to select and effectively implement different cooperative learning techniques in their language classes. Engaging Student Learning Through Task-based Learning – Participants will learn and engage in activities that incorporates an integrated skills approach: vocabulary and structure; presentation and discussion. Engaging Student Learning Through Project-based Learning – Participants will learn how to create and plan projects that encourage speaking and critical thinking skills.


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