item Improvement of consultation and public participation networks

To ensure sound interaction and effective communication between the government and civic associations and citizens, and to more effectively absorb opinions and demands of the society during the administration process, the SAR Government will do an overall review of the actual effectiveness of the Guidelines for Public Policy Consultation to further increase the transparency of consultations, and to better collect public opinions so that the government can absorb public opinions. Meanwhile, Guidelines for Public Policy Consultation will continuously be optimized for better coordination and monitoring of consultations. Furthermore, to improve public participation, studies on developing multi-level communication channels and dialog mechanism will be carried out.

To support the above works, in terms of improving consultation and public participation networks, the SAR Government will study the feasibility of introducing social networks as a channel to disseminate government information so that citizens can easily receive timely government information. Meanwhile, taking into account the whole process of consultation, including stages of pre-consultation data collection, dissemination of consultation information, clarification of consultation contents, collection of public opinions and compilation of statistics, publishing of completion report, etc., studies for the development of the Consultation Service Management Platform will be carried out. In addition to collecting public opinions, the platform also has activities management and service functionalities. It will be integrated with the government portal to become a single portal for public consultation and opinion collection. The platform will be disseminating information about consultations through the government portal, agency websites, mobile applications, social media accounts, etc. in order to facilitate public participation. The platform will also provide relevant agencies with a means to manage and monitor consultation activities. And for the organizers of consultation activities, the platform will also provide basic services for consultation such as a standardized survey template and statistical tools.

Furthermore, the SAR Government will carry out studies on the use of big data technologies to assist in analyzing information from the public so that public opinion can be more extensively gauged, improving the government’s scientific decision-making level and crisis management capability.