item Redevelopment of the Government Portal and promotion of open data

To continuous improve and to meet the increasing demands, implementation of the redevelopment of the government portal will be performed, and all government agencies will be supporting this task. The government portal will be information and service-oriented, that is, it will be displaying the functions of each government agency, information relating to important activities, and services provided by the agencies. The portal will be integrated with Public Service Management Platform (see 3.3.1.), Consultation Service Management Platform (see 3.4.) and Open Information Service Platform (see 3.2.2.), etc. to provide citizens a convenient means to search for information, apply for services, check for application status, and express their opinions about government policies.

In terms of the promotion of open data, the SAR government will gradually open up its public data so that the public can use their creativity with the open data to develop various kinds of online services, mobile applications or other applications.