item Develop mechanism for coordination and collaboration

Electronic government development of Macao SAR is a task for the whole government. It requires the rational division of works among the agencies, and at the same time coordination of and collaboration between the agencies. Therefore, in addition to a holistic and forward-looking strategy in dividing the tasks, a multi-level coordination and collaboration mechanism is needed, with the consolidation and coordination of various resources, to effectively implement the various tasks of the General Plan.

In other words, electronic governance is the use of information technologies to facilitate governance and business development. Following the optimization of administrative procedures, digitization of public services and administrative workflows will be carried out. This involves top-down planning from the management. It also involves self-motivation and innovation of business and IT personnel from the bottom. For this reason, the planned coordination and collaboration mechanism comprises two parts: organizational and motivational.

Addressing the different levels of needs, the organizational part mainly consists of three levels of coordination and collaboration: internal, between personnel of different agencies, and the government as a whole.

The motivational part consists of two measures: rewards and training.