item Supporting the development orientation of “One Centre” and “One Platform”

Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2015 clearly states that, based on community input, the SAR government has already submitted to the Central Government the Macao chapter recommendation of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan. The formulation and execution of the plan will speed up the process of developing Macao into a world centre for tourism and leisure, as well as an economic and trade co-operation platform for China and Portuguese-speaking countries, realizing moderate diversification of economic development, strengthening competitiveness so as to achieve sustainable growth, and continuously improving people's livelihood. The Committee for the Development of the World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, chaired by the Chief Executive, will be formed in the second half of 2015. Its main task is to formulate the World Tourism and Leisure Centre Development Plan based on the foundations of previous works. The plan will cover areas in making the city favourable for living, working, moving around, travel, and leisure. With the preparation of the population policy, which is expected to be completed shortly, the plan will feature top-level decision, overall relevance, and operability. In the future, annual policy initiatives of various areas should adhere strictly to the goals of the five-year plan and the effectiveness of the implementation of the initiatives will be linked to the performance management system.


Based on the above, the facilitation of the development of “One Centre” and “One Platform” should be an objective of the general plan for electronic governance. In the meantime, through the effective operation of the coordination and collaboration mechanism, government agencies should continuously review their own functional areas that are related to the five characteristics of “world centre for tourism and leisure”: favourable for living, work, moving around, travel, and leisure, to implement their own electronic governance development plan in support of the region’s overall electronic governance plan and their own needs. In addition, after the confirmation of Five-year Plan for the Development of the World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, necessary adjustments to the General Plan and the electronic governance development plans of the agencies will be made.