item Consolidation and collaboration of common resources

<p>After years of development, electronic governance of the Macao SAR has laid down a solid foundation in the areas of infrastructure, application platforms, and data. However, since we are entering a new phase of electronic governance development, government agencies will be doing a tremendous amount of development works. Therefore, government agencies, when they develop their own electronic governance, should give sufficient consideration to consolidate and make use of the existing resources of the SAR government. For those projects that have to start from scratch, they should consider developing common modules based on the commonalities to form a Government Common Application Modules Library that can be shared among all government agencies. On the one hand, efficiency will be increased, repeated investment and development will be avoided; and on the other, it provides a means to effectively utilize the overall IT human resources of the government, and creates synergy with interoperability and mutual manageability between government agencies, thus accelerating the electronic governance development of the SAR.</p>