item Development of systems

The SAR Government strictly follows the governance principle of adherence to the rule of law, and the use of information technologies is no exception, and for this reason, a series of laws, regulations, and guidelines have been developed in the areas of information security, effectiveness of electronic documents, personal data protection, construction of websites, and data exchange, etc., and studies have been initiated for the future formulation of regulations to strengthen the regulations in information security, electronic documents an application of information, and construction of websites.


In the area of information security, to reduce the risks arising from the development of information technology, the SAR Government has introduced legislations such as Basic Telecommunications Law and Combat Against Computer Crime Law, etc. On this basis, Public Administration and Civil Services Bureau has issued Information Security Policy Guidelines and Information Security Management Framework documents to regulate the information management of government agencies.


In the area of electronic document and application of information, Electronic Documents and Signatures Law, Electronic Postal Certification Mark Pubic Service Regulation, and Personal Data Protection Act have been introduced. To further facilitate the exchange and management of electronic documents within the government, and to promote the correct and legal collection of personal data or inspection of the personal data of non-users on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc., the SAR Government has also developed the Guidelines for Sending and Receiving of Electronic Documents and Guidelines for App Development.


Furthermore, to strengthen data exchange across government agencies, and to facilitate the digitization of internal administration and public services, especially the development of one-stop e-services, the SAR Government has completed a study on a government data exchange mechanism, and has defined data exchange standards for a pilot project which will be the basis for regulating the exchange of data between government agencies.


In regard to the construction of websites and updating of contents, to enhance the uniformity and operability of websites of government agencies so that citizens can have a better access government information, the SAR Government has announced to the agencies Guidelines for Government Agency Websites which agencies can be used as a basis for the design, content, and functionalities of their websites. A communication and updating mechanism of government formality information has been developed to ensure timeliness and accuracy of the formality information displayed on various websites.