item Infrastructures

To create condition to implement a safe environment for the digitization of internal administration and public services, in addition to the continuous improvement of laws, regulation, and relevant systems, the SAR Government has been building and improving the infrastructures of electronic governance.


For this reason, the SAR Government completed the construction of internal network infrastructure and Government Data Centre, offering a secure and stable environment for all government agencies where information and data are transmitted and exchanged with high efficiency and at high speed, and also providing physical and virtual servers, and data storage media management services to government agencies, reducing duplicate construction of network infrastructures by government agencies, also realizing the centralized management strategy and unifying the information security management standards. Moreover, by expanding the application of the disaster recovery mechanism of the Government Information Centre, the necessary infrastructures are built, raising the crisis management capability of the information systems.


To allow easier access to online services and government information for Macao citizens and visitors, the SAR Government introduced the WiFi GO wireless broadband system, offering free wireless broadband connectivity for citizens and visitors at designated government premises, public facilities, and tourist spots. On the other hand, the SAR Government introduced smart ID card, electronic certificate, and e-Pass account for verification of e-service users, providing citizens with a solid foundation for safe and convenient access to e-services.