item Digitization of business procedures and internal administration

Digitization of internal administration is an important means to increase administrative efficiency. It is as well a basis to facilitate the development of public e-services. Therefore, the SAR Government has been using the digitization of internal administration to support the reform of internal administration.


Currently, some government agencies have already developed and are using basic information systems for internal administration such as human resources management system, finance management system, attendance management system, asset management system, and document management system, etc., to manage basic personnel information, accounting, budgeting, payroll, attendance, annual leave, absences, overtime, and inventory, etc. Various other information systems are developed based on the agencies’ functions in order to realize the digitization of internal administration and to increase administrative efficiency. A number of government agencies have started the digitization of business procedures, and are implementating the electronic tracking of document flows and monitoring of work progresses.


The launching of the cross-agency Document Exchange System (eDocX) laid down a solid foundation for replacing paper-based with lelectronic documents, and at the same time promoted the use of electronic certificates. In accordance with the Guidelines for Sending/Receiving and Management of Electronic Docuuments, all government agencies can use eDocX to process the cross-agency exchanges of electronic documents. Government agencies can also connect eDocX with their existing document management system by using an appropriate technical solution.


In this context, Public Administration and Civil Services Bureau is using the in-house developed Civil Servant Management and Service Platform to realize the digitization and standardization of humen resources and finance management, allowing the integration and standardization of relevant management systems and information, thus enhancing the administrative efficiency of government agencies. Currently, the platform is providing basic management functions such as human resources, finance, attendance, annual leaves and absences, overtime, and electronic official letters, etc. The platform will gradually be promoted to other governemnt agencies.