item Public e-Services

The SAR Government has been providing a number of diversified online services through the Internet. Currently, there are more than 200 services provided with different levels of digitization, such as online appointment, application, inquiry of application status, payment, event registration, receiving of postal information, etc., providing a convenient means of and shortening waiting time. There are currently over a thousand electronic forms from about 50 government agencies available for download. Example e-services are: platform for electronic publication subscription by Government Printing Bureau; Voters Registration for Individuals by Public Administration and Civil Services Bureau, online request for information about commerce and property registration, and online appointment for marriage registration by Legal Affairs Bureau; “My Online Account” for the Provident Fund Scheme for Workers in the Public Services by Pension Fund; a series of e-services by Financial Services Bureau; e-Customs by Transferência Electrónica de Dados - MACAU EDI VAN S.A. (TEDMEV); Community of Education and Youth by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau; Online Services for the Social Security System by Society Security Fund; Online Enquiry System for Traffic Offence Records and other enquiry and appointment services by Public Security Police Force; Secure Electronic Postal Box (SEPBox) by Macao Post; e-Payment Platform by Macao Postal Savings; online appointment and e-payment services by Transport Bureau, etc.

The SAR Government also has installed self-serivce devices at multiple service locations and public places, providing self-help services such as voter’s registration, permanent resident ID card renewal and SAR travel document application, Certificate of Criminal Record application, and printing health care vouchers, etc.

In recent years, with the increasingly widespread use of smart mobile products, the SAR Government created a number of mobile applications such as: MASR News by Government Information Bureau, Virtual Library by Macao Foundation, Taking a Walk through the Streets of Macao and Food Safety Information by Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Supermarket Price Information Platform by Consumer Council, Macao Health Bureau Information Platform by Health Bureau of Macao, Macao Heritage by Cultural Affairs Bureau, Public Security Police Force Mobile App by Public Security Police Force, Traffic Information Platform by Transport Bureau, Macao Sailings by Marine and Water Bureau, etc., making public services more efficient and convenient for the citizens.

In addition, most government agencies are using different channels such as websites, mobile applications, or SMS to let the service recepients know about the approval status of an application.