item Government Portal and e-participation

In order to increase the degree of transparency and strengthen the communication between the government and the citizens, the Government has placed strong emphasis in the construction, maintenance, and management of the government portal.

Since its establishment, the SAR government has been using the following directions in the creation of websites: first, focusing on the promotion and optimization of the government portal (, using it as the platform for the dissemination of government information and services, and through the “one-stop” and “service-oriented” model to provide diversified government information including news, announcements, recruitment, information about public services provided by government agencies, administrative procedures, and contact information; second, to support important policy initiatives, and to amplify the publicity effects of specific themes, government agencies will create dedicated websites to disseminate information. Examples are websites for Voter’s Registration, Wealth Partaking Scheme, Macao Healthy Life Education, and Macao World Heritage, etc. Finally, government agencies will create agency websites based on the need to disclose information and the public services they provide.

Currently, the Government Portal covers a large portion of important services and information pertaining to government agencies, and coordination and maintenance works are performed by Public Administration and Civil Services Bureau. Meanwhile, most government agencies have already created their own website, and for those without one, in addition to disseminating information through the Government Portal, they can disclose agency news, announcements, and recruitment information with the help of agencies with functions in disseminating government information such as Government Information Bureau and Government Printing Bureau, etc.

In addition, certain government agencies are already in e-consultation stage, that is, consultations are carried out through the Government Portal, agency website, or dedicated websites to gather public opinions. For this reason, to support e-consultation, a dedicated Policy Consultation page has been set up on the Government Portal to allow citizens to easily learn about the status of various public consultations initiated by government agencies.