item Using better staff and streamlined administration to realize good governance

The Fourth-term Chief Executive mentioned in the “Good Governance” chapter of his election platform that the Macao SAR government will “in the next 5 years, strictly adhere to the policy vision of ‘people first’ and ‘scientific decision-making’, build better staff and simplify administrative procedures, continue to optimize public services and enhance government efficiency, and raise the execution capability and credibility of the government.” Major tasks include “developing a  multi-level communication channel and exchange mechanism, facilitate public participation,” “building better staff, streamlining unnecessary administrative steps, and integrating procedures with higher homogeneity”, “improving cross-agency collaboration mechanism, enhancing communication and collaboration between agencies, thus raising administrative efficiency” and “continuously optimizing the civil service system,” etc.


“Better staff and streamlined administration” consists of two levels of work: “building better staff” and “streamlining administrative procedures.” “Streamlining administrative procedures” refers to reorganizing administrative structures, optimizing and digitizing procedures, optimizing cross-agency collaboration, and providing more public e-services in order to increase administrative efficiency. “Building better staff,” in term of electronic governance, aims to increase the electronic governance awareness and participation of directors, chiefs, and civil servants of various levels. With an emphasis on collaboration, all government agencies will work together in simplifying the administrative procedures across government. In addition, a multi-level communication channel and exchange mechanism will be developed, consultation channels will be increased and the transparency and openness of government data will be facilitated through electronic means, allowing citizens to obtain and make use of government data, thus promoting public participation and realizing good governance.


On this basis, when the Macao SAR implements the General Plan or when government agencies carry out their own electronic governance plans, the Chief Executive’s “better staff and streamlined administration” strategy should be firmly adopted, especially when facilitating the digitization of internal management and public services, the requirements of the relevant works above should be met, and administrative procedures should be streamlined according to available resources and social development needs, and digitization should be done based on the optimization of administrative procedures. Government agencies should develop electronic governance to satisfy the ever-changing demands, and support the government in achieving the goal of realizing "good governance" through various measures.