item Perform assessment to facilitate improvement

Assessment not only enables policy makers and decision makers to have a more accurate grasp of the development situation, the results of the assessment can also serve as a reference for future optimization works. In order for the different levels of coordination and collaboration mechanism to follow up the progress of the General Plan as well as the plans of government agencies, to ensure the outcomes meet the expectations, and to make improvements accordingly, it is necessary to gradually establish an electronic governance development assessment mechanism in support of the coordination and collaboration mechanism.

The assessment mechanism that will be established will consist of two parts: one is to measure, based on project results, if the progress of the projects and the results have reached the expected objectives. The other one is to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects and overall development. For the effectiveness of the projects such as public services, assessment can be done through customer satisfaction surveys by an independent institution using scientific and quantitative indicators. The effectiveness of overall development will be based on the assessment framework for electronic government developed jointly by Waseda University and the International Academy of CIO together with other well-known assessment frameworks. Assessments will be done to study and evaluate the overall electronic governance development situation and effectiveness of Macao SAR, especially the different aspects of smart cities, and smart government in particular.