Motor Vehicles Tax

Enquiry Methods

Service Provider:

Financial Services Bureau
Macao Tax Department

  1. Service Centre 2
  2. Integrated Services Centre
  3. Taipa Service Centre

Application Location:

  1. Service Centre 2:
    Mezzanine, the “Finanças” Building, 575, 579 & 585 Avenida da Praia Grande, Macao.
  2. Integrated Services Centre:
    52 Rua Nova da Areia Preta, Macao.
  3. Taipa Service Centre:
    Ground floor, 500 Rua de Bragança, Taipa (Near Nova Taipa Garden Post

Enquiry Methods:

8599 0147 (Service Centre 2)
8296 9084 (Integrated Services Centre)
8893 6600 (Taipa Service Centre)
Hotline: 2833 6886 (24 Hours / Day)
Fax: 2830 0133

Suggestions and complaints:

Telephone: 2837 1111

Content provider: Financial Services Bureau (DSF)

Last modified: 2018-01-12 14:28

Taxation Tax

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