Service Introduction


Service targets and eligibility

    1. 1. Chest X-ray
      1. Macao residents;
      2. Non-Macao residents.
    2. 2. First tuberculosis outpatient appointment
      1. Macao residents;
      2. Non-Macao residents.
    3. 3. Tuberculin skin test
      1. Macao residents;
      2. Non-Macao residents.
    4. 4. Nursing services (drug dispensing and injection)
      1. 1. Patients being treated for Tuberculosis or treated for prevention at Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Centre.
    5. 5. Booking for personal health education counselling
      1. 1. TB patients and/or their family, or members of the public who require deeper understanding on TB.
    6. 6. Booking for group health education talks
      1. 1. Colleges and universities,primary and secondary schools/banks/hotels,government departments/society/public sector/public relations.


Executive department and unit: Health Bureau – Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Centre
Correspondence address: Estrada da Vitória, nº. 40, Macau
Telephone:(853)2853 2196
(853)8506 4405 /(853)8506 4488(Booking for personal health education counselling)(853)8506 4404 /(853)8506 4201 /(853)8506 4405 (Booking for group health education talks)
Facsimile:(853)2853 0582 (Booking for personal health education counselling/ group health education talks)E-mail:

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