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Maritime Training Courses


Courses are offered to people preparing for seaman registration or working in the Marine and Water Bureau or maritime-related areas, as well as local seamen, fishermen, aquatic sports athletes and teenage students. Descriptions are as follows:

  1. Training Course:
    1. Vessel Traffic Control I;
    2. Waterway Survey;
    3. Seamen’s Elementary Training;
    4. Sailor’s Training;
    5. Mechanic Assistant (Basic Level);
    6. Ship Attendant … etc.
  2. Preparatory Course:
    1. Lifeguard;
    2. Preparatory Course for Aquatic Sport – Sea-going Pilot;
    3. Preparatory Course for Aquatic Sport – Coastal Pilot;
    4. Preparatory Course for Aquatic Sport – Seaman;
    5. Preparatory Course for Aquatic Sport – Amateur Diver … etc.
  3. Continuous Course:
    1. Survival at Sea;
    2. Basic Fire Fighting;
    3. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities;
    4. First Aid;
    5. Port Safety Management;
    6. Fundamentals in Harbour Operations Safety … etc.
  4. Teenage Activities:
    1. Summer School Activities – Knowledge of Navigation;
    2. Summer School Activities – Navigational Skill;
    3. Extra Curricular Activities.

Apart from the above courses, the Maritime Training School offers training, promotional and continuous courses to the Marine and Water Bureau staff and Customs officers. In addition, maritime training is also provided to staff from other institutions with such need at work.

Provide Maritime Studies Preparatory Course, Coastal Piloting, Maritime Knowledge, Vessel Traffic Control II, Seamen’s Training, Coordinator of Maritime Search and Rescue Operation, Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR), Oil Spill Response etc.

The Maritime Training School also organises courses at the request of public and private organisations so as to satisfy social needs.

Target Groups and Application Eligibility

Course Enrollment:
Public (please refer to the course description for eligibility.)

Application for Certificate of Studies:
Students enrolled in courses of the Maritime Training School.

Application Result

Course Enrollment:
Persons who have completed application procedures and fulfilled the requirements will be accepted.

Application for Certificate of Studies:
Enrolled students will be issued the certificates after completing the application procedures.

Enquiry Methods

Operating Department and Subsidiary: Marine and Water Bureau – Maritime Training School

Correspondence Address: Rua do Almirante Sérgio, s/n° (Largo do Pagode da Barra) Macao

Telephone:(853)2858 8866 /(853)2856 3499 /(853)2856 3502

Fax:(853)2896 2528



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