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“IAM connect” mobile application is created by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) of the Government of Macao Special Administrative Region. It mainly offers case report, electronic municipal services, Friends of IAM electronic membership cards, push notification service and other functions. The content includes: 1. Case report: The public may give their opinions through the application. The dedicated department receives and distributes the cases immediately. Enquiries about the progress or follow-up results of cases can be made via the application; 2. Electronic municipal services: The electronic services of IAM are centralised, including guided tour service, guides on administrative formalities of municipal services, ticket-taking and bookings for IAM services, etc.; 3. Friends of IAM electronic membership card: Friends of IAM members can bind their membership cards in the application and use the facilities in activity centres with the electronic membership cards; 4. Push notification service: Users can receive the latest information about IAM.
The “Taking a Walk through the Streets of Macao”—— “Knowing about Macao” activity organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), is designed as an “alternate classroom” that guides residents through Macao’s unique historical buildings, streets and alleys and lets them revisit the history and explore the footprints of celebrities. The activity aims to deepen their understanding of the place they live in and strengthen their sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, multimedia platforms such as mobile phone application and the “Macao Streets Homepage”, etc. are used to share rich information about streets with residents for them to experience the beauty of streets and feel a sense of “Love the country, love Macao”.
To create favorable conditions for providing residents and tourists with convenience during their visits of the leisure scenic spots in Macao under the management of IAM, the Bureau will deliver them the information about these spots, such as the walking trails and ecological zones, as well as the relevant events through smartphone application. The contents of the information include:   1.Information on the walking trails, and their maps and scenic points 2.Information on the ecological zones 3.Plants 4.Animals 5.Latest news and events 6.Photo galleries and video clips
The ‘Food Safety Information’ app, which provides mainly food safety information to the public, is created by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) of Macao SAR. It aims to deliver the latest food safety news and information to the public and food trader more efficiently and rapidly, so as to enhance public awareness about food safety and reduce the risk of foodborne diseases through the promotion of food safety knowledge.   The content includes: Food Safety Highlights: To publish latest food safety news, follow-up actions and processing status, etc.; Food Alert: To launch early warning notification about the information of the suspicious food and food recall; Focus of Concern: IAM keeps pace with the current market trends and the consumers’ eating behaviours so as to publish the responsive food safety scientific articles; Food Surveillance: To publish the results of food testing and investigations by the Department of Food Safety in the IAM, these include the ‘Routine Food Surveillance’, ‘Seasonal Food Surveillance’ and ‘Targeted Food Surveillance’. All reports are downloadable; Trade Information: To announce the latest news from various food industries, these contain ‘Legislation’, ‘Administration/ Food Safety Measures’, ‘Food Safety Law, Standards and Guidelines’, ‘Trade Guidelines’, ‘Food Hygiene Guidebooks’, ‘Administrative Procedures’, etc.; Food Safety Education and Training: To announce the food safety activities, lectures and programme content for the public and food industry, users can add the event details, such as date and time, to the calendar on your mobile device. Additionally, it provides the latest information about the ‘Food Hygiene Supervisor Incentive Program’, including of the course materials and mock test (Chinese version only); Food Safety Media: To offer the latest push messages related to food safety of the WeChat account of IAM and food safety related videos; Information sharing function via social media platforms or email; Available in multi-language versions (i.e., Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese and English), and provide push notification message service.   This program content will be improved continuously in order to provide more food safety information to the users.


Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, n.º 163, Macau

(853)2838 7333
(853)2833 7676(Civic Service Hotline - Phones are answered by designated personnel during office hours. A telephone message recording system will be in place when lines are busy or during non-office hours.)

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