5,043 cases received by Consumer Council in 2018

The Consumer Council received 2,290 complaints and 2,753 inquiries in 2018, totaling 5,043 cases, 1,299 cases were lodged by tourists.

The total number of cases of the top 5 categories of complaints amount to 35 percent of the total. The top 5 categories are jewelries (201 cases), public transportation (166 cases), food and beverage (163 cases), personal care products and services (148 cases), and food services (144 cases).

Attention paid to disputes regarding quality and prices of gold ornaments

The main issues involved in complaints on jewelries are prices and quality of gold and diamond ornaments, especially disputes on group tourists visiting designated jewelry shops. The Consumer Council therefore started sending out tips for consumers in China through China Consumers Association and consumer organizations in different provinces and cities since early 2018, reminding tourists the tips for buying gold and other ornaments in Macao. The Council also works together with other government departments and requires the gold industry to label in details the price and other information of gold ornaments. The Council will pay attention to complaint cases on this category and provide assistance to consumers to safeguard the consumer rights of tourists.

About 75 percent of the complaint cases on public transportation, which amount to 126 cases are overcharging and service attitude of taxi drivers, the number of cases on this category has increased by 40 percent compared to 2017.

Consumer alert to be reinforced on online shopping and electronic payments

A 60 percent increase in complaint cases is recorded in 2018 in food and beverage category, mainly on quality and prices of food and beverage items, there are also minor cases on food products purchased online.

A 70 percent increase in complaint cases is also recorded in food and beverage service in 2018, over 10 cases are involved with service provided by online platform for ordering takeaway food, meanwhile, the number of cases on electronic payments has also increased due to adoption of electronic payment methods by consumers. Among all cases received in 2018 under public services, over 20 cases are issues on electronic payments, businesses are reminded to establish appropriate and clear transaction terms to avoid disputes, the Council will also enhance its work on sending out “Consumer Alert” to consumers to strengthen consumers’ awareness on their own rights.

Consumers are suggested to check all terms and conditions, as well as information about discount offers before using electronic payment methods, all transaction details must be checked before confirming payment, and check the balance amount once payment is completed, also, pay special attention to security when linking credit card to payment account.

For complaints on personal care products and services, an increase of 57 percent is recorded, complaints are mainly about shops bring too aggressive and continuous selling by phone. Consumers are reminded to make consumption sensibly and pay special heed to prepayment consumption when ordering beauty packages.

The number of complaints on telecommunication supplies continues to decrease, only 6 cases were lodged during 2018.

Details of the number of cases received in 2018 by the Consumer Council and other consumer alerts will be released later.

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