Macao vigilant regarding latest developments on COVID-19 in Hong Kong

Macao is vigilant regarding the latest developments in Hong Kong concerning COVID-19, and is assessing the potential risk such developments might pose to Macao.

Macao is paying close attention to the fact there have been confirmed local cases of COVID-19 reported on Tuesday (7 July) in Hong Kong. Some cases were associated with schools there.

A set of stringent epidemic control rules has been implemented at all boundary crossing checkpoints to Macao. People arriving in Macao from Hong Kong are still required to undergo immediately a 14-day period of medical observation. The number of people travelling between Macao and Hong Kong remains at a relatively low level during the COVID-19 alert.

Members of the Macao public are advised to pay close attention to personal hygiene; to wash hands frequently; to wear a protective face mask; to maintain a proper social distance from others; to reduce going out from the home; and to avoid attendance at gatherings.

The Government urges local schools, educational support centres and institutions offering continuing education, to stay alert in relation to epidemic-related official news, and to continue to implement existing disease-control measures, in order to prevent an outbreak of disease either in schools or in the general community.

Such educational establishments are advised to take note of the following:

  • they should implement the epidemic-control advice provided by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, and the Health Bureau, and take note of the steps for notifying Government departments regarding any person thought to have a communicable disease;
  • epidemic control advice includes promotion to staff, parents and students of the importance of personal hygiene, including the use of water and soap or alcohol-based hand rub in order to clean hands frequently;
  • educational establishments should stress the need for people to avoid touching either their mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands;
  • they should explain the need to avoid crowded places; and the need to disinfect frequently the home, and any surfaces there or elsewhere that are frequently touched by people;
  • educational establishments should also follow strictly the epidemic-control measures at any events involving participation of teachers and students;
  • the establishments should disinfect thoroughly campuses and other facilities; maintain good indoor ventilation in their premises, and check regularly that body-temperature monitoring equipment is working properly;
  • they should suspend the participation in education of any person found to have a fever or respiratory disease, and;
  • the educational establishments should maintain close communication with the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, in order to provide accurate, disease-related, information to parents, staff and students.
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