Wealth Partaking Scheme 2021

As indicated in the “2021 Policy Address” that welfare and livelihood expenditures would not be affected by the MSAR Government’s internal financial austerity measures and the existing basic beneficial measures for the public would be continuously implemented, including Wealth Partaking Scheme. In this regard, the “Wealth Partaking Scheme 2021” has been announced through the Administrative Regulation No.9/2021, of which local permanent residents are entitled to receiving 10,000 patacas and non-permanent residents 6,000 patacas. Due to the impacts of coronavirus epidemic on the economy and livelihood in Macao, the government decides to implement the scheme earlier in April.

Overview of Disbursement Arrangement:


  1. Holders of valid or renewable Macau SAR Resident Identity Card on 31 December 2020 are entitled to receiving the cash premium.
  2. Pursuant to Article 3 (2) of Law No.8/2002 regarding the circumstances of non-compulsory acquisition of resident identity card, persons below the age of 5 on 31 December 2020, will be granted the cash premium upon obtainment of the abovementioned identification document.
  3. Holders of valid or renewable Macau SAR Resident Identity Card who are currently residing abroad will be granted the cash premium, provided that they can prove that they are unable to renew their Macau SAR Resident Identity Card due to the reason of bedridden, completely or partly paralyzed. For those who have submitted the documentary proof and were granted the cash premium in the previous year, the Social Welfare Bureau is authorized to exempt them from documents resubmission if it is concluded that no new evidence is needed for the approval of current Scheme after analyzing the existing documents.
  4. Macau SAR residents, who are eligible for this scheme, have not received the cash by reason of death, the respective amount can be requested by the administrator of the deceased’s estate, which is required under Article 1917 of the Civil Code for the administration of the deceased estate until its liquidation and distribution.

2.Modes of distribution

1)Bank transfer

The following individuals will have the cash premium disbursed by means of bank transfer:

- Persons receiving financial assistance or subsidy for senior citizens from the Social Welfare Bureau;

- Teaching staff receiving direct subsidy or subsidy for professional development as well as students in tertiary education receiving student aid from the Student Benefits Fund of the Education and Youth Development Bureau;

- Retired civil servants receiving retirement pension and other persons receiving aforesaid pension for the family of the deceased;

-Persons registered for receiving tax reimbursement or other payments from Financial Services Bureau through bank transfer;

-Civil servants have not yet registered for receiving tax reimbursement or other payments from Financial Services Bureau through bank transfer.

2)Crossed cheque mailing

The rest qualified for being awarded the cash premium will receive the crossed cheque via mail by the Identification Services Bureau. Details are as follows:

-Beneficiaries aged 18 or above will each receive a cheque made payable to the beneficiary;

-Minor beneficiaries (under the age of 18) have not yet registered for receiving tax reimbursement or other payments from Financial Services Bureau through bank transfer will each receive a cheque made payable to the beneficiary, his/her father, and his/her mother, which may be deposited either into the beneficiary’s account, his/her father’s account, or his/her mother’s account.

The crossed cheque will be sent via mail so as to enable the beneficiaries to get the cheque in the simplest way. Since it is a crossed cheque, it can only be deposited into the payee’s account, in this way, even if one gets the cheque of others, in no way can the cheque be cashed.

3)Special circumstances

The Social Welfare Bureau shall be responsible for the distribution of cash premium to the following persons: persons stated in above 1 (3), minors whose guardianship has not been established, incompetent persons and persons deprived of their liberty by rehabilitative measures or subjected to criminal punishment.

3. Shedule for Distribution

Please refer to the attached file.

4. Change cheque mailing address

The address of holders of Macau Resident Identity Card in the database of the Identification Services Bureau is the one declared by the resident during his/her replacement for the Macau SAR Resident Identity Card. To ensure that the residents can receive their cheques in time, those who have moved their residence can change their address information in the following ways:

  1. Prior to changing the address, the resident has to provide data for verification by entering his/her identity card number, his/her date of birth and his/her mother’s name (as the names of father and mother are not shown on the identity card), at the Wealth Partaking Scheme’s official website (https://www.planocp.gov.mo ).
  2. logon to GOVMO; or
  3. Return directly the declaration for change of address to the Identification Services Bureau.

5. Enquiry of Status of Disbursement

  1. One can check the status of disbursement on the Wealth Partaking Scheme’s official website (https://www.planocp.gov.mo ) by entering his / her ID card number, date of birth and mother’s name, details of the status will be shown after authentication;
  2. logon to GOVMO; or
  3. The status of disbursement can also be checked at the Self-Services Kiosks of Identification Services Bureau located at 40 different points over Macau, details of the status will be shown after ID and fingerprint authentication.

6.Inquiries and related formalities

With an effort to cope with the implementation of the Scheme, any enquiries or assistance regarding procedures associated with the Scheme, residents can visit the dedicated Wealth Partaking Scheme counters for the current and previous Scheme at Service Centre of Municipal Affairs Bureau located at China Plaza, the Macao Government Services Centre situated at Rua Nova da Areia Preta or the Macao Government Services Centre in Islands located at Rua de Coimbra nº 225, 3rd floor either in person, by telephone or facsimile. The counters will be opened on Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 9:00 to 18:00 straight. The service hotline and facsimile numbers are 2822 5000 and 2822 3000. The official website and the Financial Services Bureau WeChat official account also provide the most up-to-date information.

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