MPI Students and Staff Attended the Rewarding National Security Education Exhibition

Over one hundred MPI students and staff participated in the National Security Education Fair 2021

In order to strengthen the sense of national security, promote the traditional values of love for the motherland and love for Macao, enhance students’ sense of patriotism and actively support the Macao SAR’s work on national security education, more than 100 Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) students and staff attended the National Security Education Exhibition at the Sino-Lusophone Business Cooperation Service Platform Complex on 21st April. Participating students and staff stated that national security is closely related to regional safety as well as our daily life, which is interlocked in the social, economical and living aspects, and they are proud of China’s prosperity.

Escorted by Tou Sok Sam, Vice-President of the Directorate of Judiciary Police, and Wong Hong, Consultant of the Office of the Secretary of Security, MPI President Im Sio Kei led a group of students and staff to attend the exhibition. The content of the exhibition is rich; the historical background, core content and specific practice of national security are demonstrated through photos, display boards and video, which further enhance the public’s awareness of national security and strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility to safeguard it. Im Sio Kei stated that MPI strives to excel in its higher education provision by leaning on the support of Macao and our motherland, and it focuses on the cultivation of students’ sense of patriotism. National situation education and youth development are MPI’s focus. Over the years, MPI has always fostered students’ national concepts and national consciousness in diversified ways, so as to promote the spirit of love for the motherland, love for Macao, to encourage students to actively integrate into the overall development of the country, and to dedicate themselves to the prosperity of China.

Student Jia, who is majoring in Chinese-English Translation, stated that the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic has been raging since last year, while our motherland is the only nation who is effectively executing the epidemic prevention policy with absolute success, which has led China to be a fast-recovering economy, and this proves the value of joint effort in safeguarding the national security of the entire Chinese nation. Student Shi, majoring in Accounting, said that the fact he is able to grow up under a stable well-off condition is the overall credit from the predecessors in lifting the whole country out of poverty. Through the National Security Education Exhibition, which makes him fully understand the meaning of the I Ching excerpt, “to be mindful of possible danger in time of peace”, he urges young people to constantly equip themselves, to nurture their talents, and to repay the motherland with knowledge.

MPI has always adhered to the core values of patriotism to“Love China ・ Love Macao”, to cultivate youngsters’ national sentiment and to strengthen their sense of national identity, belongingness and national pride. Over the years, MPI has supported the National Security Education Exhibition in various forms, both online and on-site, with the aim of deepening the national awareness of youth, which is rooted in loving feelings for home and country, and encouraging our youth to contribute to Macao and the motherland. The participating parties also included: committee members of the Administrative Board, Head of Academic Units and Academic and Administration support departments, students and staff.

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