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Possible warning signals to be issued due to the impact on “Nalgae” (Update Time: 2022-11-01 18:10)

Possible warning signals to be issued due to the impact on "Nalgae"

Update Time: 2022-11-01 18:10

Signals Forecast Period Probability
Typhoon Signal No.3 In effect
Typhoon Signal No.8 Daytime on 2nd Medium to relatively high
"blue" Storm Surge Warning In effect
"yellow" Storm Surge Warning daytime on 2nd Medium

Under the influence of the outer rainbands of “Nalgae”, more showers and strong winds are expected tonight. The public is advised to pay attention to travel safety, plan ahead, bring rain gear and pay attention to the latest weather information.

“Nalgae” has downgraded to a Severe Topical Storm at 5 p.m. However, according to the present forecast, "Nalgae" is further north and closer to Macao than expected, and will pass within 100 km southwest of Macao between the afternoon tomorrow and the beginning of 3rd. The possibility of issuing Typhoon Signal No.8 tomorrow is“medium to relatively high” because the forecast track and the degree of weakening are still uncertain.

Under the joint influence of“Nalgae” and the northeast monsoon, local winds will reach a wind level scale of 5-6, and have gusts. It will be more cloudy with occasional showers tonight. It is expected to be cloudy with frequent showers and cooler in the next few days.

Blue storm surge warning was issued at 5 p.m. Due to the astronomical high tide, and "Nalgae" is further closer to Macao, there will be about 0.2 meters height of flooding in the Southern Inner Harbor area in the early morning of 2nd . Moreover, there will be about 0.5 meters height of flooding will occur in the inner harbor area from the evening of the 2nd to the early morning of the 3rd. The public is advised to pay attention to the latest weather news.

Remarks: The probabilities of issuing severe weather warning signals for the next one or two days are provided in the table. Public can learn the possibility of being affected by the tropical cyclone over the specific period of time in Macao so that necessary precautions can be well prepared earlier. Please keep notice of our latest information.

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