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Present citywide NAT has ended at 11:00 this morning, with 720,000+ samples collected; All test results are negative

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announces that the present citywide nucleic acid testing scheme has ended at 11:00 this morning with some 725,000 samples collected. All the samples have been analysed and returned as negative. Apart from this, a total of 448,912 rapid antigen test results have been uploaded from 00:00 to 15:00 today (2 November).

The Response and Coordination Centre reminds that:

1. There is no exemption period for the present citywide NAT scheme. Individuals in Macao who remain untested will be assigned a yellow health code after 11:00 on 2 November. According to relevant regulations, yellow code holders are not allowed to enter public places, take public transport or leave the city.

2. Those who have not taken the citywide NAT as required must have their sample collected at a regular NAT station at their own cost. The booking link is: (paper certificate can be provided, result will be uploaded to the Macao Health Code for use in border-crossing, and will be counted in the citywide NAT scheme).

3. Anyone who remain untested by 15:00 tomorrow (3 November) will have their Macao Health Code changed to red; they will be taken by the police to a designated venue to undergo sampling, and will not be allowed to leave until the test returns as negative. People who refuse to take the test will be subjected to medical observation at designated venue.

4. If your Macao Health Code is converted to yellow despite having undergone the citywide NAT, please visit the platform of “Enquiries and assistance for COVID-19 Prevention and Control” ( to apply for removal of yellow code.

5. Before going to the NAT stations to get tested, the public must first perform a rapid antigen test (RAT) by themselves at home. If tested negative, go to the NAT station for sampling as scheduled. Upon entry into the NAT station, present a health code containing a RAT negative result or a photo showing a RAT negative result; otherwise, entry would be denied. If the RAT result is positive, regardless of whether having fever, respiratory symptoms or other discomfort, an ambulance should be called (Tel: 119, 120 or 2857 2222) after declaring the result on the Macao Health Code. The declarant and the co-living individuals must stay home and wait patiently for being transferred to the quarantine site by the designated ambulance. Relevant nucleic acid testing will be arranged for all of them by the authorities.

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