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This round of Citywide NAT will end at 18:00 Sufficient sampling quota is available for booking, unsampled citizens should book and take the test as soon as possible

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre stated that, the current Citywide NAT Programme will end today (5 November) at 18:00. Presently, sufficient sampling quota is available for booking in all stations.

The Centre urges unsampled citizens to book and take the citywide NAT as soon as possible, so that potential risks and hidden cases can be detected in a timely manner, making it possible to block transmission chains and prevent further spread of the disease in the community. Besides, the Centre reminds that:

1. All individuals can make a booking for the citywide NAT through the following links:

(1) Free test booking link (result cannot be used for border-crossing purposes):;

(2) Self-paid test booking link (paper certificate can be provided, result will be uploaded to the Macao Health Code for use in border-crossing, and will be counted in the citywide NAT scheme):

2. People who have conducted NAT test in the Mainland China on 4 or 5 November should convert the health code from “Yuekang Code” to “Macao Health Code”, and confirm the NAT result obtained in the Mainland has been successfully transferred to the Macao Health Code, in order to be considered as the test result in this Citywide NAT drive.

3. For people who have participated in NAT tests for other categories on 3 November, they are still required to participate in this Citywide NAT drive on either 4 November or 5 November.

4. People with yellow Macao Health Code should satisfy the NAT testing frequency requirements prescribed by the health authorities; if they have participated in this Citywide NAT drive, they do not need to repeat the test on the same day.

5. Each participating resident (including infants under 1 year of age) will be given 5 rapid antigen test kits; residents are advised to bring their own bag for materials collection. Please remember to collect as re-collection would not be available. Parents or guardian of exempted infants may collect the materials on their behalf at a NAT station by presenting the Macao Health Code or identity document of the concerned infants for registration.

6. The present Citywide NAT does not have an exemption period. Individuals in Macao who remain untested will be assigned a yellow health code after 18:00 today (5 November) According to relevant regulations, yellow code holders are not allowed to enter public places, take public transport or leave the city; they will be taken by the police to a designated venue to undergo sampling, and will not be allowed to leave until the test returns as negative. People who refuse to take the test will be subjected to medical observation at designated venue for 14 days.

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