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[Implementation of “1+4” Industries Policy] Attracting High-quality Projects of the Major Industries to Macao from Three Target Markets

In 2023, Macao-Hengqin jointly launched investment promotion and business matching sessions in Southeast Asia for the first time

In order to implement the development plan for the "1+4" industries, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will strengthen the effectiveness of "attracting investments through exhibitions" in its work plan in 2024. At the same time, by taking advantage of Macao-Hengqin integrated development, IPIM will strive to attract more high-quality projects related to the "1+4" industries to Macao from three major target markets, that is, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, ASEAN countries and Portuguese-speaking countries.

In 2023, IPIM's "One-Stop Service for Investors" received 333 new investment proposals, of which 246 were assisted. According to the investors, the assisted investment proposals created 839 jobs and involved investments amounting to MOP 1.32 billion, reflecting investors' confidence in Macao's business environment and development prospects. Among the assisted investment proposals, 105 proposals were related to the "1+4" industries, accounting for over 40%. Among them, pharmaceutical companies from the World's Top 500 started running businesses in Macao last year, providing new impetus for the development of Macao's emerging industries such as the big health.

Strengthening the effectiveness of “attracting investments through exhibitions”

As 2024 marks the launch of the development plan of the "1+4" industries, IPIM will continue to provide strong support for the development of the emerging industries through investment promotion. In order to cater to the needs of market development and further implement the effectiveness of "attracting investments through exhibitions", IPIM will continue to hold business matching sessions related to the "1+4" industries during the exhibitions organised/co-ordinated by IPIM. IPIM will also continue to enrich the matching arrangements, striving to convert exhibition visitors into investors and introducing more high-quality "1+4" industries’ projects to Macao, in order to speed up the establishment of an appropriately diversified industrial system and to foster the appropriate diversification of Macao's economy.

Macao-Hengqin joint investment promotion in three major target markets

In 2023, Macao and the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Co-operation Zone in Hengqin ("Co-operation Zone") jointly launched a total of eleven overseas investment promotion activities in Southeast Asia and Portuguese-speaking countries. Through prior business matching, a total of 17 signing projects and nearly 350 business matching sessions were organised. In 2024, IPIM will focus on the appropriately diversified development strategy of the "1+4" industries, strengthen the coordination between Macao and Hengqin, and explore the opportunities from three major target markets, that is, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, ASEAN countries and Portuguese-speaking countries. At the same time, IPIM will make full use of the advantages of a series of policies, such as "the catalogue of encouraged industries" in the Co-operation Zone, to formulate a list of investment targets and attract high-quality enterprises in the medical and health care and cross-border e-commerce industries to the region from the above-mentioned major markets.

At the same time, IPIM will establish a new Macao-Hengqin "prior technical meetings" mechanism in 2024, in coordination with relevant departments of the Co-operation Zone, to provide guidance on the license applications and to speed up the application process for the projects to be established in Co-operation Zone. IPIM is currently co-ordinating with relevant departments in the Co-operation Zone to promote the orderly implementation of this mechanism.

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