Solutions for Adult Children of Macao Residents

Upon the request and discussion with the Macao SAR Government, the relevant authority of the Central Government determines to settle the issues of the “Adult Children” entering Macao for residence and family reunion by adopting the normal entry arrangements. Before 1 November 2001, the children (aged under 14) of Macao residents in Mainland could apply for entry into Macao to reside if they fulfill the requirements administered by the Public Security Authority in Mainland regarding the entry into Macao for the Mainland residents. Nonetheless, if the applicants became the age of 14 or over during the process of examination, the applications would be declined. “Adult Children” refers to the Mainland-born children of the Macao residents, who have become overage during the application process. To be specific, they are the persons who were under the age of 14 at the time their blood father or mother obtained the status of Macao resident before 1 November 2001. Starting from 1 November 2001, the Public Security Authority only considers the age of the applicant at the time of application. Hence, the waiting process will not further affect the result of the examination. In other words, the case of “Adult Children” has no longer been in existence since then. The procedures of lodging, accepting and examining the application for “Adult Children” to reside in Macao will be basically the same as the present procedures applying to the application for Mainland residents entering Macao for residence (please refer to “Guidance Notes on Application for Adult Children of Macao Residents in Mainland to Enter Macao for Residence” posted by the Public Security Authority for details). Starting from 1 December 2009, applicants can lodge their applications at the entry-and-exit control department of their household registered Public Security authorities (county-level, xian, or above) without any deadline. The Macao SAR Government will verify the information of the applicant’s parents and relevant relatives in Macao upon request during the examination processed by the Public Security Authority in Mainland. The application for “Adult Children” will not take up the quota of immigrants from Mainland in other categories. Thus, the application process for Mainland residents in other categories to settle in Macao will not be affected. The Macao SAR Government deeply appreciates the Central Government and relevant authorities for the efforts on having settled the issues of the “Adult Children” entering Macao for residence and family reunion.

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