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The opening ceremony of 2017 Traditional Medicine International Cooperation Forum (Macao China) will be held on Wednesday (27 Sep) Pre-event press release

The opening ceremony of the 2017 Traditional Medicine International Cooperation Forum (Macao China) hosted by the Macao S.A.R government and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China and co-ordinated by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macau (hereafter abbreviated as the Industrial Park),will be held at The Parisian Macao on Wednesday (27 Sep). The event will include the unveiling ceremony of the Public Service Platform of the Industrial Park, the appointment ceremony for experts and advisors, and the brand-awarding and contract signing ceremony for key projects in the Industrial Park.

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Government conducts more than 60 statistical projects every year, covering various demographic, social and economic aspects. Data collected from the surveys, after processing and analysis, are aggregated to statistical indicators, tables and graphs, which are disseminated on the DSEC website, in press release, publication, etc. See schedule for press releases on statistics

Composite Consumer Price Index – Year-on-year change (%) (Aug/2017)

Population Estimate ('000) (2nd Quarter/2017)

Overall unemployment rate (%) (May - Jul/2017)

Gross revenue of games of chance (million MOP) (Aug/2017)

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