15th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair

The 15th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) will be held from 21st to 24th October, 2010 (Thursday to Sunday) at the Venetian-Macao-Resort-Hotel. The 15th MIF is organized by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and co-organized by four government departments, namely Macao Economic Services Bureau, Macao Government Tourist Office, Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province and Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission, and 10 non-government organizations, including Macao Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Association of Macau, Macau Importers and Exporters Association, Association of Knitting and Spinning Industry of Macao, Macau Shipper´s Association, Macau Association of Banks, Macao Association of Building Contractors and Developers, the Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Macau, the Macau Chinese Enterprises Association and The Chinese Manufacturers´ Association of Hong Kong, and include as its partners, the Permanent Secretariat for the Forum on Economic and Trade Co-operation Between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Macao), International Lusophone Markets Business Association and World Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization and Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association. Macao Convention & Exhibition Association, Macao Fair & Trade Association and the Association of Advertising Agents of Macao are entrusted to coordinate the current edition of the MIF. Macao International Trade & Investment Fair is a UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved event. After 14 years of continuous development, MIF has become an international, comprehensive large-scale economic and trade event in Macao, comprising trade and investment exhibition, high level political and economic forums, international business and trade conferences, business matching, international sourcing and professional presentations, thus functioning as a regional platform for economic and trade services. This year, the 15th MIF takes the theme of “Cooperation – Key to Business Opportunities”, with a view to showcase the diverse economic development and dynamic corporate environment of Macao to the participants from home and abroad. It also aims to promote Macao as a platform for cooperation and exchange between Macao, Mainland China, Portuguese-Speaking Countries, European Union, ASEAN and other countries and regions of the world and to assist the local and foreign companies to expand their market networks and explore new areas for the development of their commercial activities. According to the statistical data, the MIF venue will occupy an area of 30,000 square metres, with 760 exhibitors from home and abroad and 1,400 booths, corresponding to a 30% increase over the last edition. For the first time, Beijing will take part in this year´s MIF. Besides, new areas for exhibition of electrical appliances and cultural and creative industries have been added for the first time, in addition to areas for the exhibition of the investment projects in Hengqin (Zhuhai) and in the International Tourist Island of Hainan. The above-mentioned data clearly denotes that MIF’s function of reliance upon Macao as a trade and economic services platform is continuously improving. Exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions, comprising 330 delegations and over 3,600 delegates will be present at this year´s MIF, which include several entities of the Central Government, several provinces and regions from Mainland China such as Inner Mongolia. In addition, there will also be delegations from Portugal, East Timor, the Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria and Indonesia led by ministerial level officials. This is a clear indication of the increasing prestige and influence of the MIF both at home and abroad. THE SCALE AND THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE MIF IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY There has been a significant improvement in this year´s MIF, in terms of scale as well as in the level of internationalization. The content of this year´s MIF has been enriched with the introduction of several improvements and highlights. In this regard, the venue will be divided into two functional areas, to facilitate not only the display of products and services but also exchange and conduct of business transactions. The debut participation of Beijing will generate more business opportunities for the MIF. This is the first time that Beijing is participating in a major international trade and economic event in Macao. The Beijing participation will encompass Image of Beijing, Exhibition of Foodstuff, Exhibition of Innovative Articles, Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Articles as well as Exhibition of Tourist Resources. As many as 40 enterprises from Beijing will take part in the event, which includes such activities as exhibition, promotion, business negotiation and the signing of cooperation agreements.
The Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition is one of the highlights of the MIF. Images, products and projects from cultural and creative houses from home and abroad will be on display, to promote exchange and to provide opportunities for the cultural and creative industries operators to conduct business negotiations and to explore business opportunities in the cultural and creative areas. On the other hand, the Zhuhai-Hengqin Investment Pavilionand the Hainan Investment Pavilion, where the business environment, main projects and investment policies of the said locations are presented, will constitute another highlight of the Fair. To continue the mission of promoting Macao as a platform for export of Chinese products, a special zone for exhibition of electrical appliances was set-up. Said initiative has attracted the participation of over seventy branded electrical appliances companies from Mainland China, aiming to capture the attention of the sourcing agents from home and abroad. Carrying forward the series of PMEs-related activities held in the past editions of the MIF, namely the “SME International Business Days” and the “SME Exhibition”, the Organizer is expanding the “SME Exhibition” to encompass the “Macao Enterprises Pavilion”, the “Taiwan Pavilion”, the “Digital Imaging & Photography Equipment Pavilion”, and the “China’s Ethnic Groups Pavilion”. A specialized business transaction zone will also be set-up for business promotion and exchange. MACAO FASHION FESTIVAL 2010 TO BE HELD CONCURRENTLY Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) has been invited to co-organize a “Macao Fashion Festival 2010” during the MIF. Said festival will include professional fashion shows to present the dynamic vitality of the garments industry in Macao and abroad aiming to create an exchange and cooperation platform for the operators of the apparel and franchise industries, as well as to the fashion designers and fashion houses, so as to promote cooperation and exchange between the chain store operators. The professional fashion show will be the main highlight of the “Macao Fashion Festival 2010”, which will gather branded names in the apparel field, to showcase the capacity-building and talent of the local designers. Also, in another show organized by the Macao Local Designer´s Society, named “Creative Chic”, 14 local designers will present their creations. Also during the MIF, 15 graduates from the Diploma Course in Fashion Design and Production of CPTTM will present the results of their training received locally. As an added attraction, there will be eleven shop window designs on display in this area, to introduce the latest trends of local fashion brands. The Fashion Show Area will also provide business matching services for the garment industry with the objective of improving cooperation opportunities for the participants. In addition to the above-mentioned highlights, more efforts were also made to attract a greater number of professional visitors, especially the buyers, special invited trade visitors, and enterprises of the thematic pavilions, by making available incentive plans, which drew tremendous attention from the professional visitors, on account of the enquiries received. In order to assist the SMEs to actively participate as exhibitors, IPIM continues to make available to the SMEs several types of incentives. Based upon the experience gained from the past editions of the MIF, improvements were made to the “One-trip, Multi-stop” program. Under the said program, visitors will now be encouraged to attend other fairs in the neighbourhood, including the Canton Fair, and to conduct a visit to Hengqin (Zhuhai), for on-site inspection of the investment opportunities available. FORUMS AND CONFERENCES TO EXPLORE DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES The large-scale and high-level forums and seminars held in the past MIFs will be maintained while several new forums of special interest to the investors have been added, which include the “International Trade and Investment Forum 2010”, where government leaders and chambers of commerce´s representatives have been invited to discuss regional trade and economic cooperation and strategy for industrial development, the “World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs” and the seminar on the “Investment Opportunity in Zhuhai Hengqin New Area”, the latter to be presented for the first time under the MIF umbrella. Other forums and seminars will be held concurrently, including the “Portuguese-Speaking Countries-Fujian-Macao Economic and Trade Conference and Electrical and Electronic Products Sourcing Round Table” and the “EU-Macao Business Opportunity Seminar”, and the “Cross-Strait Forum on the Development of the Printing Industry 2010” seminar. PRE-REGISTRATION OF BUSINESS MATCHING TO FACILITATE BUSINESS COOPERATION To encourage cooperation and exchange between the exhibitors and visitors, the Organizer provides business matching and negotiation services to the participants, free-of-charge. For better results, the MIF Organizer has put more emphasis on the early-stage preparations prior to the MIF and will pre-match the projects through the MIF on-line business matching service platform. Up to the present, around 2000 commercial projects were received for matching purpose and over 900 business matching sessions have been scheduled. To provide highly-efficient and appropriate matching, the Organizer has also arranged for on-site business matching in specialized area and also organized a series of negotiations in sourcing, in addition to promotion seminars, to provide more opportunities for cooperation in investment and trade. MIF TO PROVIDE A DIVERSE RANGE OF EXHIBITION SERVICES On 21st October, MIF is reserved for professional visitors. Visits by the public are welcome from 22nd to 24th October. Opening hours: Vide em anexo! As in previous years, free shuttle buses will be provided to the visitors. Routes for the general public and the official MIF hotels will be offered, to facilitate the professional visitors and the general public. Urban terminals for different routes will be located, respectively, at Avenida Doutor Mário Soares (Macau Square), Estrada Marginal do Hipodromo (Royal Supermarket, Areia Preta Branch) and Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida (at the Pak Vai bus stop, near Rua de Gago Coutinho). From 22nd to 24th October, visitors to the MIF can enjoy 4-hour free parking at the Venetian-Macao-Resort-Hotel upon presentation of the MIF entrance ticket. A survey will be conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Macau to get more scientific data on the activities organized in connection with the MIF, so as to improve and perfect the capacity-building and the level of organization of the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair. No efforts have been spared by the Organizer to offer to the visitors from home and abroad comprehensive and high-quality services. In this connection, during the MIF, a wide range of services will be provided at the information counters, including travel, postal, telecommunications and on-site transportation, to ensure greater ease and efficiency for exhibitors and trade visitors from home and abroad. For further enquiries about Macao International Trade and Investment Fair, please contact the Organizer through the hotline number (853) 2882 8711, fax (853) 2882 8722 or navigate to MIF’s officialwebsite: www.mif.com.mo.

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