Macao Consumer Council test on 14 biscuit samples and all tested samples are satisfactory

A test on 14 biscuit samples for their hygienic condition and safety of additives has been conducted by Consumer Council and all tested samples are satisfactory. Test result has been published in the Council’s Consumer Report issue no.205.
Biscuit is a common snack and non-staple food. The Council tested 14 samples of normal and sandwich biscuits for their freshness, hygienic condition, preservatives and heavy metals contained. Acid value and peroxidation value are important indices for the evaluation of food freshness, and no samples in this test shows any potential sign of spoiling. No pathogenic bacteria have been found, and the values of mold and heavy metals contained are acceptable. For additives, preservatives and sweetener are tested and both values conform to the national standard. The levels of aluminium contained in all samples are satisfactory, though aluminium is considered a contaminant according to the national standard quoted this time and significant difference of aluminium value contained in the samples is observed, ranging from 1.6mg/kg to 73.7mg/kg.
Among the 14 samples tested, 80 per cent contain trans fat and have it stated on labels. Trans fat is vegetable oil after hydrogenation, the most common trans fat include margarine and shortening. Consumers need to pay attention to product labels when choosing biscuits as studies have shown that coronary artery disease can be caused by excessive intake of trans fat. As suggested by both WHO and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), daily intake of trans fat should be kept as low as 1 per cent of a person’s daily calories intake, which amounts to less than 2.2g if one takes in 2,000 calories a day. The Council reminds consumers to look for biscuits with longer expiration date and those in good condition with no shrinking in sizes or any contaminants. Result of this biscuit test can be found in the latest Consumer Report.
Reports on the signing of cooperation protocols between Macao Consumer Council and the Consumer Association of Jilin and Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Qingdao in September, as well as the participation of the Council in the promotional event held in Zhangchun, Jilin by the Macao SAR Government can be found in this issue of Consumer Report. Information about the 2010 symposium of the alliance for consumer rights protection is also covered, together with an article on the risks of prepaid consumption. Consumer Report is now available free of charge at the two offices of the Consumer Council, bookstores and libraries. Consumers may also access the resources online at the Council’s official website ( or through WAP channels on their mobile phones. For inquiries, please call 8988 9315.

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