Astronauts share their experience with locals

The three visiting astronauts today attended a series of activities to share with the people of Macao the successful accomplishment of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft space mission. In the morning, the astronauts and their delegation went to the "Shenzhou-9 Manned Spaceflight Report Meeting" held at Macau Tower attended by some 1,000 people from governmental departments, scientific and technological circles, educational circles, civic associations and universities. The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Mr Lau Si Io, said the presentation on spaceflight report was a rare opportunity to promote science and technology. "It helps deepen our understanding of the aerospace industry development in China; their scientific spirits to search for the truth and to make innovations as well as their love for the motherland, are worth our respect and imitation," he said. Then the chief engineer of China's manned space programme and deputy head of delegation of the manned space mission, Mr Zhou Jianping, presented a report on the Shenzhou-9 manned space mission. This was followed by astronauts Jiang Haipeng, who shared valuable experience of two space journeys with the audience, Liu Wang shared the first manual docking operation on Shenzhou-9, and Liu Yang shared her pride and joy of being the nation's first woman in space, and encouraged the audience that perseverance was required for every success. The delegation then attended a welcome luncheon hosted by the People's Liberation Army Macao Garrison. In the afternoon, the astronauts shared their experience with some 2,000 students from 30 schools and 35 associations. The space heroes encouraged students to study hard and to believe in themselves that they may personally explore the wonders of space in the future. Students then presented their own creation - a robot named Chang'e – to the three astronauts at the end of the experience sharing session. In the evening, the delegation attended a welcome variety show presented by local art organisations, with some 3000 people. Tomorrow, the astronauts are scheduled to see Macao's famous attractions before departing in the afternoon, completing their three-day visit.

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