Working group on food prices analyzes price differences of 5 supermarket food items

Since its establishment in June this year, the working group on food prices has started its price survey work on different kinds of food items. Prices of rice, cooking oil, canned foods, beverages and eggs were collected from over 20 supermarkets and grocery stores in July.
According to data released by the working group, among the 5 categories of food items, beverages recorded the most significant price difference. Many beverage items sold at various retail spots recorded double, or even triple price differences, prices of 'Cool Distilled Water (750ml)' in different outlets varied for over 200 percent. Obvious price differences of over 36 percent were also observed in cooking oil and canned foods while differences of about 20 percent were observed in both eggs and rice prices. Among the 5 categories of 71 food items, the top 3 food items with most price differences in each category are: Beverages
- Cool Distilled Water /750ml (lowest price $2.0/highest price $6.2), price difference: 210.00%
- Bonaqua Mineralized Water/770ml (lowest price $2.5/highest price $5.9), price difference: 136.00%
- Watsons Water Pure Distilled/430ml (lowest price $2.8/highest price $5.9), price difference: 110.71%
Cooking oil
- Lion & Globe Pure Olive Oil/500ml (lowest price $35.0/highest price $47.9), price difference: 36.86%
- Mazola Corn Oil/3.5L (lowest price $89.0/highest price $118.0), price difference: 32.58%
- Tripod Brand Top Quality Pure Peanut Oil/2L (lowest price $71.0/highest price $94.0), price difference: 32.39%
Canned foods
- Ma Ling Premium Ham Luncheon Meat/340g (lowest price $16.8/highest price $22.9), price difference: 36.31%
- Del Monte Sardines in Tomato Sauce/215g (lowest price $13.9/highest price $17.5), price difference: 25.9%
- Greatwall Brand Chopped Pork & Ham/340g (lowest price $21.6/highest price $26.5), price difference: 22.69%
Eggs - Fred Meyer Grade AA Extra Large Eggs/12 pcs (lowest price $18.8/highest price $22.8), price difference: 21.28%
- Surewin Egg/8 pcs (lowest price $12.0/highest price $14.5), price difference: 20.83%
- Select US Grade A Fresh Extra Large White/Brown Eggs (lowest price $19.9/highest price $22.9), price difference: 15.08%
- Golden Rabbit/10kg (lowest price $123.0/highest price $148.8), price difference: 20.98%
- Golden Elephant Brand Premium Jasmine Rice/8kg (lowest price $119.0/highest price $143.0), price difference: 20.17%
- Kangaroo Brand/5kg (lowest price $75.0/highest price $88.0), price difference: 17.33% The working group on food prices indicates that different levels of price differences, some quite extreme, were recorded in those food items surveyed. Consumers are advised to compare prices at different retail outlets, especially if some on sale items are really cheaper than those offered in other retail spots. The working group will continue to expand its survey work to provide comprehensive price information to consumers. Prices of the abovementioned 5 categories of food items can be found on the Consumer Council's website (

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