Consumer Council conducted price survey on beverages

Consumer Council conducted a price check on 12 brands of beverages from 24 retail outlets earlier. Survey result has been uploaded to the Council's 'Specific Product Price Platform' website and is also available in the Council's 'Supermarket Price Information Platform' iPhone and Android apps. The Council conducted its specific price survey on 12 brands of beverages from 24 supermarkets and convenience stores on 1st August. Surveyed items include soft drinks, bottled water, beer and other kinds of beverages. Survey result showed that selling prices of beverages varied significantly in different retail outlets and one quarter of the surveyed items recorded price differences of over 100 percent. 'Cool Distilled Ware (750ml)', which was sold at $2.00 to $6.20, recorded a price difference of 210%, 'Watsons Water Pure Distilled (430ml)' and 'Bonaqua Mineralized Water (770ml)' also recorded price differences of around 110 percent and 130 percent respectively. Prices of 'CocaCola-Original/330ml', which recorded the smallest difference, differed for about 23 percent, or $0.80. Consumers are advised to check with the data available on the 'Specific Product Price Platform'. In comparison with the data collected in June's survey, minimal price increases and decreases were recorded in most of the surveyed items. Items which recorded obvious changes include: selling price of 'Cool Distilled Ware (750ml)' in one supermarket had been raised by 40 percent while that of 'Aquarius Isotonic Rehydration Drink/500ml' in one convenience store had been increased by 38.5 percent. The specific price survey on beverages is now available on the Council's website ( For enquiry, please call 8988 9315.

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