MIF Exhibitors Recognise the Effectiveness of the MIF

After a long path spanning over 20 years and based on the experience gained in previous years, new elements were injected to the 20th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF), both in terms of the exhibition layout and arrangement of the activities, aiming to facilitate exhibitors to explore new business opportunities while, at the same time, offering a new experience to the participants and visitors, in a bid to enhance the effectiveness and professional level of the event. Being weekend, the Fair attracted a large number of local resident. Also, professional buyers and traders also visited the Fair, lending an intensive business atmosphere to this edition of the MIF. Exhibitors from East Timor: Using MIF and the Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries to Promote Business An “exhibition-within-an-exhibition”, the Portuguese-Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition was held concurrently at MIF. The exhibition occupied an area of over 2,200 square metres and attracted 150 exhibitors from seven Portuguese-speaking Countries plus various professional services enterprises already registered as suppliers with the Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries (the Portal). The exhibition covered the following sectors: food, wine, financial services, translation services, advertising media, convention, exhibition and advertising, E-commerce, tourism, legal consultation, as well as accounting and retail. The Senior Adviser to “Agência Especializda de Investimento de Timor-Leste” (AEI) Cristina Costa Dias Quinta said that her agency has organised a delegation of 18 to participate in this year’s MIF. Members of the delegation included representatives from four enterprises, among which, two of them are first-time participants. She recalled that, compared with 2005, when she participated in the event for the first time, there were improvements, both in terms of scale and also in the quality and quantity of the products on display, in addition to the increased number of exhibitors. She recognises the effectiveness of this year´s MIF, and pointed out that, through MIF, the enterprises could conduct exchanges and discuss business “face to face” with the exhibitors, procurement personnel, trade visitors, buyers and consumers, and avail of this opportunity to hold promotion seminars and business negotiations, as well as to explore co-operation opportunities through various channels, to help promote products from East Timor to the international market, as well as the diversification of economy in her country. “Things and Stories”, an enterprise from the Portuguese-speaking Country of East Timor, participating for the first time in the Portal Professional Service Supplier Exhibition Area, is engaged in the trade of unique ethnic garments and textiles, packaging and decoration articles. Ms Maite Monnereau, the Director of the company, said that participation in the MIF would enhance her company´s reputation and help in business expansion. She further explained that participation in the MIF, coupled with the presence in the Portal would facilitate her company to open-up the markets in Mainland China and Macao. The Director of Marketing and Communication of the same company, Mr João Ferro, said that he has received co-operation intents from companies in other regions and added that a factory in Mozambique has also expressed an intention to co-operate with them in the supply of cotton. Large Quantity of Orders Received by E-commerce Operators The General Manager of CAS Technology (Macao) Co Ltd, Mr. Kenny Qu, said that his company, a first-time participant in the MIF, is engaged in cross-border E-commerce and hopes that, they could establish interaction with the other participants through MIF, as a mean to promote his company´s products. He admitted that, in the beginning, he only aimed to test market response, but that during these few days, his company has already established co-operation agreements with many parties, and therefore he was pleasantly surprised by the excellent results, hoping to participate again in the future. Products on Display Well Received by Many International Buyers The General Manager of Jing-Da Food Co Ltd, Mr Hong Jianwei, a company engaged in the trading of tea from Taiwan, participating at the Macao SME Pavilion, said that the tea traded by his company is already selling to the Chinese cities of Shandong and Shanghai as well as to Southeast Asia. He added that the participation in MIF has attracted the attention of buyers from Canada, South Korea and Malaysia, and therefore was able to expand the company´s business network. As his company´s tea products are popular with the participants, it has received a large quantity of orders. He also disclosed that after MIF, he would conduct further co-operation prospects with the buyers. Local Enterprises Explore the International Market Through MIF According to Dr Choi Hoi Lam, Director of Hai Lan Pharmaceutical Factory Macao, her company has already entered into co-operation agreement with companies in Mainland China. She disclosed that her company has participated in MIF for eight consecutive years and that this year, through MIF, has received orders amounting to 25 million patacas, and that, coupled with the opportunity to display the company´s products to the overseas buyers, has this time achieved dual benefits. Famous Designers: MIF Has Become an International Cultural and Creative Exchange Platform where Your Dreams Can Come True The Macao International Design Exhibition, introduced this year, has invited famous designers, association of designers and academic communities to participate and exchange in the MIF. Architect Carlos Castanheira, from Portugal, exhibited several pieces of his Asian architectural works, including the most representative and challenging “The Building on the Water”. Mr Carlos Castanheira said that he was pleased to participate in this exhibition, so that more people could appreciate his works and believe that MIF would enable participants from different regions to better understand designs across different regions and thus help to promote exchange within the industry. The Fashion Festival held concurrently with MIF has attracted the participation, as exhibitors, of ten local clothing brands. Macau-based Worker Playground´s designer, Mr Cheang Chi Tat, said that MIF provides a platform for him to realize his dream. A booth was specially set up to feature his designs, it has attracted many visitors, who appreciated his works and wished to discuss business with him. This factor, along with the brand fashion show every day has enhanced the “soft power” of his brand, he said. MIF – An Ideal Place for Local Residents and Visitors to Visit This Weekend Today (25 October), the last day of the MIF, has attracted many visitors who arrived early in the morning, and there were crowds everywhere. A local resident, who has visited MIF for five consecutive years, said that MIF offers merchandises and digital products from different countries under a single roof, and therefore it is his favourite place to spend this weekend. A tourist from Foshan said that this year’s MIF is particularly rich in content and also offers a lively atmosphere, thanks to the many activities, shows and dancing exhibitions held throughout the day.

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