Government ensures sufficient supply of vaccines for Macao residents

Only Macao residents are entitled to free vaccinations against the diseases scheduled under the "Macao Vaccination/Immunisation Programme", and Government-procured vaccines will not be given to visitors, the Health Bureau reiterated in a statement on Monday. The Bureau released the statement in response to public worries there could be a shortfall in vaccine supply if tourists came to Macao seeking vaccinations. The Bureau assured the public that the Government has sufficient reserves of vaccines and that visitors would not be eligible for free vaccinations at public health clinics. The only vaccinations available for a fee to visitors are medical emergency-related vaccinations, such as those against tetanus. The Government is committed to providing comprehensive vaccination services to Macao residents, said the Bureau. Macao residents can get free vaccinations against the diseases scheduled under the "Macao Vaccination/Immunisation Programme" at public healthcare centres and at Kiang Wu Hospital. The Health Bureau also sends each year medical staff to places with high concentration of people – such as schools and major institutions – to conduct vaccination campaigns. Among Macao residents, aside from those under 18 years old, women of childbearing age and people with high risk of hepatitis B may also receive free vaccines for the diseases scheduled under the "Macao Vaccination/Immunisation Programme". To ensure sufficient vaccines for Macao residents, the Health Bureau has also required the Workers’ Clinic and Kiang Wu Hospital to provide vaccinations procured under the "Macao Vaccination/Immunisation Programme" only to residents; visitors cannot purchase these vaccines. According to Executive Order No. 148/2013, there are 13 diseases covered by the "Macao Vaccination/Immunisation Programme". These include: tuberculosis, hepatitis B, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, German measles, measles and other diseases. The programme also includes vaccination for the prevention of pneumococcal disease, haemophilus influenzae (which causes meningitis in children), chickenpox, and cervical cancer.

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