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Government announces decorations and medals for 2017

The Government has announced today Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit awarded for 2017 by the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR). They are being given to 42 individuals and organisations in recognition of, respectively, achievement, outstanding contribution and distinguished service.

The list follows recommendations from the Committee of Nomination of Medals and Honorary Titles.

The awards for Decorations of Honour include the Decoration of Honour – Grand Lotus; the Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus; and the Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus. Such awards are for individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to the image and reputation of the MSAR.

The recipients for such awards are:

Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus

Choi Lai Hang

Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus

Lei Loi Tak

Vong Kok Seng

Seven types of Medal of Merit are awarded, covering: 1. Professions; 2. Industry and Commerce; 3. Tourism; 4. Education; 5. Culture; 6. Philanthropy; and 7. Sports. Each of the awards in these categories is for individuals or entities that have made major or excellent contributions in their respective fields.

The recipients for such awards are:

Medal of Merit – Professions

João Augusto Gonçalves Gil de Oliveira

Zhao Guoqiang

Iau Kam Hoi

He Haiming

Medal of Merit – Industry and Commerce

Tai Fung Bank

Kee Kwan Motor Road Co., Ltd (Estrada para Veículos Ki-Kuan, Limitada)

Fong Son Kin

Medal of Merit – Tourism

Lawrence Ho Yau Lung

Luís Lui

Lam Chan Kuok

Medal of Merit – Education

Lei Heong Iok

Vong Chuk Kwan

Lo Sio Va

Medal of Merit – Culture

Pen of Macau

João Vicente Botelho Guedes

Chou Cheong Hong

Poon Kam Ling

Medal of Merit – Philanthropy

Social Welfare Bureau

Fu Hong Society of Macau

Medal of Merit – Sports

Macao Dragon and Lion Dance Team

Macau Karate-do Federation

Eduardo Armando de Jesus Júnior

Medals for Distinguished Service are awarded to public entities, organisations or their staff for outstanding performance in their duties or community service.

The recipients for such awards are:

Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Bravery

Diving Team of the Macao Customs Service

Special Patrol Group of the Public Security Police Force

Special Rescue Squad of the Fire Services Bureau

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the Health Bureau

Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Dedication

Supervising Team of Food Safety Centre of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau

Sou Tim Peng

Lao Wai Han

Medal for Distinguished Service – Medal for Community Service

Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau

Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau

Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office

Choi Chun Heng

Certificates of Merit, including the Honorific Title – Prestige and the Honorific Title – Merit, commend Macao SAR residents or others who have made a major contribution to the reputation, development or social progress of the Macao SAR.

The recipients for such awards are:

Honorific Title – Prestige

Loreto De Guia Mijares Jr.

Honorific Title – Merit

Cheong Heong San

Lam Kai Heng

Chan Sio Man

Chau Hou Tin

Pui Ching Middle School team, which took part in the “International Science and Engineering Fair 2017”

The ceremony to award the Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit to the recipients will be held in mid-January 2018.

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