Profits Tax

Submission of application for inclusion in Group A

Target Groups and Application Eligibility:

  1. Individuals or collective persons with properly compiled accounting record and have the condition precedent to be included in Group A.
  2. The following Profits Tax Group A taxpayers whose actual profits are assessed by means of appropriate accounting books and records:
    a) Anonymous companies with limited liability, joint stock companies with limited liability and cooperatives;
    b) Companies of any nature, with individual interests separated from those of the shareholders, having capital of not less than $1,000,000 Patacas or average taxable profits in the past three consecutive years not less than $500,000 Patacas;
    c) Other individuals or collective persons with appropriately compiled accounting records and intend to opt for inclusion in this category.

Application Approach:

In person.

Required Documents:

  1. Declaration of Inclusion in Group A.
  2. Photocopy of latest Business Registration Tax payment form M/8 receipt.

Time Needed:

Submission period:
Until 31st December of the respective fiscal year. If the taxpayer starts his business in the last quarter of that year, the application period will end on 31st January in the following year.


  1. For natural person applicants (individuals), signatures can be authenticated at the “Finanças” Building of the Financial Services Bureau, Taipa Service Centre or Integrated Services Centre by presenting the original of identification document that contains signature for verification.
  2. For collective persons applicants (commercial companies or associations), signatures of representatives must be certified at the Public Notary Office or a private notary.
  3. The condition precedent to inclusion in Group A must be determined at the beginning of the respective year of assessment.
  4. The accountant/auditor responsible for the company registration shall be indicated in the declaration.
  5. After entering into Group A for 3 years counting from the date of inclusion, taxpayers can apply for entry in Group B when prior permission from the Director of the Financial Services Bureau is obtained.

Legislations Website:

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