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Self-Exclusion and Third-party Exclusion Applications


Pursuant to Article 6, Clause 1 of Law No. 10/2012 – “Regulating the Conditions of Entering, Working and Gaming at Casinos”, upon the application of an individual to exclude himself/herself from casinos, or upon the confirmation of an exclusion request made by his/her spouse, ascendant, descendant, or a family member related to him/her within the second degree of kinship by blood, the Director of DICJ may prohibit the person from entering all or some of the casinos for a maximum period of two years.

Coverage and period:

The applicant can apply for exclusion from all or some of the casinos in Macao, and the maximum exclusion period is two years.

Note: The “duration of exclusion” is a continuous period until the expiry day of the exclusion order; however, an application can  submit revocation request to DICJ within an enforced exclusion period.

Eligibility and restrictions

  1. “Self-Exclusion” application: Any person above 21 years old.
  2. “Third-Party Exclusion” application:
    1. Eligibility: The applicant must be the spouse, parent, son/daughter or brother/sister of the person to be excluded. The person to be excluded must be above 21 years old.
    2. Restrictions: The application requires the signature confirmation of the person to be excluded.
  3. Exclusion revocation: The excluded person may submit the revocation request to DICJ at any time within the enforced exclusion period.
  4. Extension of the exclusion period: After the exclusion order has expired, or the excluded person had revoked the exclusion, the exclusion period may be extended only after a new self-exclusion application is made, or after the applicant has confirmed a new third-party exclusion application.


  1.  DICJ will notify the applicant of the start and end date of the exclusion period.
  2.  DICJ will notify the applicant of the effective date of the revocation request.


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