Application for clinical records


How to Apply

It is required to submit a photocopy of the relevant supporting documents and produce the original for verification (If it is necessary to complete the questionnaire for insurance claims, please complete the “personal data” in advance and submit the questionnaire together with the application form).

  1. Application by the Data Subject in person:
    1. A duly completed application form;
    2. Identity document of the Data Subject.
  2. Application via the Internet:
    1. The Data Subject shall apply with an e-Pass account; for more information, please refer to
  3. Application by a representative as specified below:
    1. Authorized person
      1. A duly completed application form;
      2. Letter of authorization (should be made and confirmed by both parties in the presence of a public or private notary);
      3. Identity document of both parties.
    2. Father/ mother of the minor
      1. A duly completed application form;
      2. Proof of ascendant relation;
      3. Identity document of both parties.
    3. Legal heir of the deceased
      1. A duly completed application form;
      2. A death certificate;
      3. Proof of heir;
      4. Identity document of both parties.
    4. Person appointed by courts to manage the affairs of the Data Subject
      1. A duly completed application form;
      2. Documentary proof issued by a court;
      3. Identity document of both parties.
  4. Documents required for collection:
    1. Collection by the applicant
      1. Application receipt;
      2. Original ID of the applicant.
    2. Collection by an authorized person
      1. Application receipt (details of authorization should be completed in advance);
      2. Original ID of the applicant.
      3. Produce the original ID of the authorized person and submit a photocopy.

Location and service hours for appointment-making

Location of application:Medical Report Reception Counter, G/F of Outpatient Building, Conde de São Januário General Hospital

Service hours:Monday to Friday (except government holidays), 09:00~13:00; 14:30~17:45 (until 17:30 on Friday)


  1. Medical report/ certificate of disease (per department/ document)
    1. MOP 225
  2. Completing form/ questionnaire for insurance claim (per department/ document) (the “personal data” in the form should be completed in advance)
    1. MOP 300

Application Processing Time

Application for medical reports can be processed in 25 working days.(Note: not applicable if translation is required) (Performance Pledge)

Remarks/Notes for Application

  1. Applicants are required to complete the request form and provide relevant supporting documentation (see “Documents Required” for details), applications not conforming to the requirements or without legitimate interests will not be accepted.
  2. For medical reports required for the application of assistance of Social Welfare Bureau/ Social Security Fund, the application fees for can be exempted by submitting a proof of request from relevant authorities upon collection of the report; besides, the application fees for completing the Sickness Allowance Application Form of Social Security Fund are also exempted.
  3. The information and documentary evidence provided by the applicant will only be used for the purposes of application review and file handling. Giving inaccurate or incomplete information shall be held responsible of all consequences arising therefrom.
  4. Medical reports will be filed if they are not collected within 60 days after being informed; retrieval of report will take about 7 days.
  5. If the report is necessary to be translated into the selected language, the period of preparing the report will be prolonged accordingly.
  6. For the requests from authorized insurance companies or institutions, a true copy of valid authorization letter signed by the Data Subject or legal representative (together with relevant documentary evidence) should be submitted by using the company’s official letter, in which the department and date of information requested, as well as the reason of request are indicated.

Application Status Enquiry and Result Collection


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