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Financial Support

Financial support application

How to apply

Application procedures and required documents: The applicant should submit the form for the Financial Support Program for the year 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the Program) through the “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR” platform (hereinafter referred to as Macao ONE Account) to access the specific online system of the Tourism Fund for the activities/projects to be carried out in 2024; applications not made through the Macao ONE Account will not be accepted.


Required documents:

  1. Mandatory documents:
    1. Application form for the Financial Support Program for 2024.
    2. Detailed proposal of the activity / project.
    3. For expenditure items, if products or services are provided by third parties, the applicant must select suppliers providing corresponding products or services and provide quotations from at least three suppliers for each expenditure item and must indicate the criteria for selecting suppliers on the form. If there are services provided by affiliated suppliers, it must provide at least two quotations from other unrelated suppliers.
    4. The applicant must provide the Affiliated Transaction Statement to declare whether there is any adoption of the services of an affiliated supplier, if any of the following is the case, the name of the counterparty to the transaction, the relationship with the applicant and the content of the expected expenses of the transaction should be mentioned in advance in the declaration.
      1.4.1      The applicant is a partner of the supplier;
      1.4.2    The following members of the applicant: president/vice-president/vice-chairman of the Board of Director/vice-chairman of the Board of Director/secretary general/vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board/vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board and spouse/parents/children of the above persons are the suppliers, partners or administrators of the supplier.
    5. Photocopy of the most recent Certificate of Registration of the Association issued by the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) including list of the association’s managing body members. (The list of the association’s managing body members must be valid for the period of their mandate and all members must have submitted their valid identification documents to the DSI).
    6. In case it is signed by the attorney, relevant documents proving his/her powers must be presented, such as minutes approved by the General Meeting or a power of attorney of a legal representative.
  2. Information considered relevant to the evaluation of the application:
    1. Indicate the economic benefits arising from the activity/project undertaken and the calculation basis.
    2. The applicant must provide information such as newspaper clippings or photographs to prove experience in carrying out activities/projects of a similar scale in the last three years or experience in organising five or more consecutive activities/projects in the last five years for the same event.

Service hours

Application period: 09:00 on 31 July 2023 to 17:45 on 11 September 2023


Free of charge.

Time for processing

Estimated reply by December 2023

Relevant specification or requirements

General information on each guidelines:


Written enquiry: within 5 working days from the day following receipt of the notification (Performance Pledge)

Enquiry on progress and reception of services results

Enquiry on application status: To view application progress, you may access to the specific online system for more information or enquire by sending an email or contact us directly by phone.

Ways of obtaining the results of the application: Access the specific online system to consult the official notification of the application, or it can be collected personally at our Offices or it can be sent by post.

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