Government ensuring stable electricity supply in event of public emergency

Media representatives attend a session to gain better understanding on the Government's measures for ensuring power supply in the event of public emergency

The Government is paying great attention to, and has taken measures regarding, enhancement of the stability of electrical power supply from the mainland, as well as improvement of the resilience of all public utilities in case of public emergency.

Additionally, the Government is working to enhance domestic capacity to generate electricity. Government officials gave the information today during a tour for media representatives to gain better understanding on the Government's measures for ensuring power supply in the event of public emergency.

Today’s tour was organised by the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector and the Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM). The latter is a public utility company that is the sole concessionaire for distribution of electric power within Macao, and for generating power locally.

The Government has requested China Southern Power Grid in neighbouring Guangdong Province to build an additional 500-kilovolt substation, meaning Macao would be served by three substations in total; and modify its 220-kilovolt cable network serving the city, so that it runs underground, rather than overground as at present. The company would also enhance the power-handling capability of an electricity substation in Zhuhai in order that it can provide electricity to Macao in case of public emergency.

In addition, the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector had asked CEM to prepare short-, medium- and long-term plans for the prevention – or mitigation – of power interruption during a public emergency. Such plans should follow the suggestions from an expert team from the National Commission for Disaster Reduction.

In particular, the electricity concessionaire had been asked to take measures in the short- and medium-term to prevent flooding in electricity transformer facilities located in low-lying areas of Macao.

The Government had also directed CEM to prepare proposals to ensure backup power supply is available in major facilities across the city. CEM would be responsible for the maintenance of such backup equipment.

Additionally, a CEM representative shared information during today’s tour on the company’s plans for addressing flood prevention at electrical power facilities located in low-lying areas of Macao. The plans included: optimising the medium-voltage network; raising the height of power equipment relative to the shoreline; installing flood barriers; strengthening waterproofing of cable inlets; installing a flood alarm system; and installing sump pumps at substations that serve the consumer network.

In the long run, the Government would step up its efforts regarding the building of local electricity generation facilities in Coloane to be fuelled by natural gas. Meanwhile, the Government would push forward the construction of a third cable to feed power from Guangdong, in order to enhance further the stability of the power supply coming from the mainland.

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