Macao non-resident workers from Zhuhai eligible for exemption from 14-day Macao medical observation

Press conference held by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre.

Holders of one of two Zhuhai-issued forms of documentation and who are also registered as a non-resident worker in Macao, are eligible – with certain conditions – for exemption from a 14-day period of medical observation when re-entering Macao.

The measure took effect from 6am today. As outlined in Executive Order No 120/2020 published in the Macao SAR Gazette on Saturday (9 May), such persons must fulfil the following three requirements:

1) Either their place of household registration must be in Zhuhai in Guangdong Province or they must hold a Zhuhai residency permit;

2) They must have a certificate confirming a negative result from a nucleic acid test for the COVID-19 infection, and such a test result must have been conducted and confirmed either by the Macao health authorities or a recognised health institution in Zhuhai, within seven days of the person’s intended journey to Macao;

3) They must hold a valid green-code certificate relating to a health-status declaration under Macao’s health reporting system.

The local authorities also stipulated cancellation – from 6am today – of the protocol requiring a medical examination for inbound travellers visiting from any places on the mainland that have had a high incidence of COVID-19 cases.

In addition, to facilitate further the ability of people to make cross-boundary trips, Macao and Guangdong Province have recognised on a mutual basis – with effect from Sunday (10 May) – the respective digital systems used in the two places to enable citizens to generate a declaration code about the state of their health.

The mutual recognition of health declaration systems does not mean relaxation in existing entry-restriction policies. Holders of the relevant code-form declaration necessary for entry approval, will still not be exempted from the 14-day period of medical observation required when travelling between Macao and Guangdong, unless they also fulfil other prescribed conditions.

To obtain a health-declaration code necessary for entering Guangdong, members of the Macao public should declare their health status via the Macao health-declaration page ( Once a Macao health code certificate has been generated, members of the Macao public will be then able to forward their personal information to the Guangdong authorities in order to generate a Guangdong health-declaration code, and will also be asked to provide additional details.

A similar scenario applies for Guangdong people wishing to use their local health-code certification to enter Macao. Such people must open the relevant part of the Guangdong health code online platform, then fill in their personal information. Once a Guangdong health code has been generated, such persons will need to forward their personal information in order to generate a Macao health-code certificate.

In addition, in view of local developments regarding COVID-19, regular patient visiting at Conde S. JanuárioHospital will be resumed from today, for the period 6pm to 8pm.

As of Sunday, Macao had not recorded any new COVID-19 cases for 32 consecutive days.

There has been an aggregate of 45 confirmed COVID-19 cases recorded in Macao. A total of 41 patients has already recovered from the disease after receiving treatment in Macao. The four patients remaining hospitalised were each described as being in a stable condition.

As of Sunday, there were 12 people placed under 14 days of post-recovery monitoring at the Public Health Clinical Centre in Coloane.

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