Online Joint Graduation Exhibition of the Design and Visual Art Programmes of Macao Polytechnic Institute will be launched on May 29th

Poster of the Online Joint Graduation Exhibition of the Design and Visual Art Programmes of Macao Polytechnic Institute

The Joint Graduation Exhibition 2020 – “Revolving” held by the School of Arts of Macao Polytechnic Institute will be launched online starting from May 29th, 2020 on the online platforms of Facebook and Behance. Graduation works from over 80 graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Design and the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art will be shown. With various media and creative forms, the exhibition will demonstrate their outstanding creative achievements throughout the four years of effort and exploration, as well as their enthusiasm and pursuit of art.

The graduation works of this exhibition are diversified. The design works from the graduates majoring in Graphic and Advertising Design under the Design Programme show various design explorations like rebranding, mascot innovation, environmental care, cultural industry development, etc. The graduates majoring in Spatial and Exhibition Design energize the places that were being forgotten, changing them to cultural and creative spaces such as hotels, hostels, theatres, etc. They also show their care to the society through the projects on topics like post-traumatic stress disorder and air pollution. The graduates majoring in Digital Media Design present their work in the form of animation, drama video, music video and interactive device, on topics such as urban development, anxiety in youth, internet voyeurism, loss of balance of technology, etc. They also present interactive works using a brain wave detector to explore how to enhance the concentration of human beings.

The artworks from the graduates of the Visual Arts Programme include Chinese painting, Oil painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Ceramics, in which they show their personal emotions, record personal lives and present the fine town scenery of Macao through the creative process. Meanwhile, the artworks show some other topics such as morality versus technology, environmental care and human living space; all these are surrounding the global contemporary art atmosphere. The Online Joint Graduation Exhibition is going to present all the rich design concepts and diverse artistic landscape, as well as the graduates’ thinking context and executive ability.

After four years of cultivation by the professional academic team, the graduates in the Design Programme and Visual Art Programme have explored the professional field, along the way being filled with numerous challenges, which they have learnt to overcome; this counts as the most precious experience on the road to knowledge. They have explored their self-art characteristics, kept their thinking focused on art creation, and turned all thoughts to endless possibilities. The concept that the joint graduation exhibition “Revolving” tries to present is all about the growing and changing process of the graduates in their beyond-self journey. With the four years spent in the School of Arts at Macao Polytechnic Institute, the knowledge and experience they have gained has been the best gift to them, and it will also become the warmest memory in life. No matter how time goes, it will not change the passion, love and enthusiasm of the students towards arts and design.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this year’s exhibition is specially organized online. As its name “Revolving” suggests, the graduates have adapted and overcome the challenges under this extraordinary situation. Through the online platform, their excellent artworks can also be seen, showing what they have gained during the study. “Revolving” will be launched on the online platforms of Facebook ( ) and Behance ( ) starting from May 29th. All are welcome to visit online.

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