Government strongly backs Electoral Affairs Commission in exercising duties legally

The Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government resolutely supports the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election in refusing – in line with requirements under the Legislative Assembly Election Law – five candidate lists involving 20 individuals, from taking part in the upcoming election.

The Commission decision, as confirmed today, was due to factual evidence discovered that either the people had not upheld the Basic Law of the MSAR of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), or they had not met the requirement of pledging allegiance to the MSAR of the PRC. The decision was made in line with Article 6 and Article 10 of the Legislative Assembly Election Law.

Upholding the Basic Law of the MSAR of the PRC and pledging allegiance to the MSAR of the PRC are elementary standards for membership of the Legislative Assembly of the MSAR.

Review of the candidate list regarding each team intending to take part in the Legislative Assembly Election, is a power - vested by the law - with the Commission, in order to safeguard the overall development interest of the MSAR; ensure the constitutional order enshrined in the Constitution of the PRC and the Basic Law of the MSAR; and realise the implementation of the principle of “patriots governing Macao”.

The fact some individuals did not qualify to stand for the Legislative Assembly Election would not hinder Macao residents from enjoying the fundamental rights as stipulated in the Basic Law; nor would it affect the enjoyment by Macao residents of freedom of speech; nor affect the enjoyment of Macao residents’ right to information, and the right to supervise the Government.

The Government would continue to safeguard sternly the legitimate rights of Macao residents as protected in the Basic Law, and other legislation applicable in Macao; and would support the Commission in the undertaking of its duties in accordance with the law. These efforts were in order to ensure the steady implementation of the “One country, two systems” principle with Macao characteristics, and maintenance of the long-term stability and prosperity of Macao.

On Monday (12 July), the Commission held a press conference to offer further information regarding candidate lists containing people that did not qualify for participation in Legislative Assembly direct election.

The Commission underlined that the Constitution of the PRC was the fundamental law of the country, and the basis for formulating the Basic Law of the MSAR. Upholding the Basic Law of the MSAR meant necessarily upholding the Constitution and the principles enshrined in it, namely the “One country, two systems” principle; “Macao people governing Macao”; enjoyment of a high degree of autonomy; and the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

According to the press conference, people intending to run a campaign in the Legislative Assembly Election must uphold sincerely the MSAR Basic Law, the Constitution and the principles enshrined in it: therefore they must be patriots.

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