Elderly home “Asilo Vila Madalena” is under closed-loop management

Health care workers conducted nucleic acid tests for the staff and elderly in the elderly home “Asilo Vila Madalena”

One of the staff from the elderly home “Asilo Vila Madalena” in Coloane has been classified as a close contact of the 74th Covid-19 case and is currently in quarantine under medical observation. The relevant person’s first nucleic acid test is negative. All 20 environmental samples taken in this elderly home were also negative. Due to the need of pandemic prevention and control, the whole elderly home “Asilo Vila Madalena” is under closed-loop management and health monitoring. Meanwhile several rounds of nucleic acid tests will be carried out to ensure the health of the elderly residents and the staff.

To protect the safety and health of the elderly and staff of Asilo Vila Madalena, the Social Welfare Bureau (hereafter referred to as SWB) and the Health Bureau of Macao have sent staff to the above-mentioned elderly home to conduct nucleic acid tests on all residents and staff. The relevant tests are still going on. At the moment, the elderly home is under closed-loop management and is closed to outside visitors. Except for staff of the relevant departments, other persons can only enter but cannot leave the elderly home. At the moment, the elderly home has sufficient food and other supplies. The life of the elderly and staff is normal and there are no special difficulties. Accordingly, SWB and the Health Bureau will continue to provide indispensable assistance to the elderly home and will closely follow the development. Several rounds of nucleic acid tests will be conducted continuously to ensure the health condition of the residents and staff. Necessary personal and public health measures will also be taken.

SWB appeals to the relatives of the residents and related persons who have visited the elderly home in the last 7 days (on or after 28th September) to pay close attention to their health condition and to avoid going out and having contact with other people. They shall also wear masks correctly and comply with all necessary preventive measures. In case of feeling unwell, they shall immediately go to the hospital and seek medical help. For enquiries, please contact the Social Welfare Bureau under 66889184.

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