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Arrangements for PSP’s External Services between 18 and 22 July

With a view to controlling the spread of COVID-19 and pursuant to Executive Order No. 119/2022, all companies and venues engaging in industrial and commercial activities not essential to the public’s daily lives have to suspend operation from midnight on 18 July to midnight on 23 July 2022. In conjunction with the MSAR Government’s overall anti-epidemic policy, public departments only provide emergency services during this period.

In addition, pursuant to Executive Order No. 120/2022, public departments are closed from 18 to 22 July 2022 except those providing emergency and essential services to the public. All individuals should note that they have to wear a mask, undergo a temperature check and present a green health code when entering the Public Security Police Force (PSP) facilities, or they may be refused entry. The operation of services is as follows:


The PSP will suspend services of the Macao Government Services Centre in Areia Preta and the Macao Government Services Centre in Islands. The Residence and Stay Affairs Department in the Immigration Building in Pac On, Taipa will only provide emergency and essential services on an appointment basis from 18 to 22 July. The services are as follows:

1.Emergency extension of Authorization to Stay for ordinary visitors that expires on a date during the period mentioned above;

[Note: Due to anti-epidemic measures, individuals who have been granted an extension of Authorization to Stay earlier and whose period of stay expires from 11 to 24 July do not need to apply for an extension this week (18 to 22 July), but should postpone the application to the same day next week (25 to 29 July) (e.g. the original date of Monday, 11 July or 18 July, is postponed to Monday, 25 July; and for individuals who have the expiry date on Saturday or Sunday, application will be postponed to Friday, 29 July). Failure to apply on the specific date mentioned above may result in overstaying.]

2. Processing of cases of loss of entry identification documents for non-residents;

3. Application for and collection of “Certificate of Personal Entry and Exit Movement Record”.

[Note: To make an appointment, please log into the system ( or call 28725488.]

Individuals who need to apply for a renewal of Residence Authorization but have not made an appointment are advised to call 88970663 during office hours for follow-up. Other immigration services will be suspended and services originally scheduled from 18 to 22 July by appointment will be postponed to the first working day of resumption of full services or a date notified by the PSP. In case of special circumstances, urgent needs to apply for relevant services or queries about relevant service arrangements, please call 28725488 for assistance and the PSP will follow up and answer the questions. Individuals who need to postpone their application for Special Authorization to Stay (non-resident workers, family members of non-resident workers, non-resident students, etc.) to the first working day of resumption of full services or a date notified by the PSP because of the provisional measure mentioned above will not be treated as overstayers.

In addition, please note that the Investigation and Repatriation Subdivision of the Border Control Department in the Immigration Building in Pac On will maintain its operation from 18 to 22 July.

II. Traffic Department’sexternalservices

1. Processing of traffic violations: For minor violations by motorists, violations in respect of vehicle insurance, violations leading to impounding of vehicles and related fees and use of vehicles in the provision of a remunerated service for a purpose other than that authorized or registered (commonly known as illegal car hire service), motorists should visit the Macao Traffic Department or the Taipa Traffic Station personally for processing. Other traffic violation fines can be paid via electronic channels (mobile app “ePolice”, Macao One Account, Internet, BOC Express/BOCNET, info-kiosks “CityGuide”, etc.).

2. Application for traffic violations SMS notification service: Applications can only be made via the mobile app “ePolice” and the Internet. Relevant service points of the Traffic Department will be closed.

3. Registration of Hong Kong and international driving licences will be suspended and registrations originally scheduled from 11 to 17 July by appointment at the Traffic Department will be postponed to the immediate next working day.

4. Application for and collection of documentary proof of traffic accident will remain normal.

For any enquiries, please call 28374214.

III. Application for licences

The following services will be suspended:

    1. Private Security Business Licence
    2. Self-protection Licence
    3. Licence for Use and Carry of Self-defence Firearms
    4. Licence for Use and Carry of Weapons for Competition use
    5. Permit for Storage of Decorative and Collectible Weapons
    6. Permit for Trade/Transfer of Firearms
    7. Permit for Purchase of Bullets
    8. Import/Export Permit for Weapons, Ammunitions, Explosives or Replica Firearms
    9. Licence for Commercial Establishment for Trade of Arms and Ammunitions
    10. Firecrackers Discharge Permit
    11. Rockets and Fireworks Discharge Licence
    12. Declaration of firearms

For any enquiries, please call 88970944 or 88970934.

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