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Horta da Mitra Market resumes business today with smooth operation

Horta da Mitra Market has resumed business today and the overall operation has been smooth.

Horta da Mitra Market resumes business today with smooth operation

With over 80 years of history, Horta da Mitra Market has officially reopened to the public starting from today (9 January) after completion of the reorganisation works and optimisation of the facilities at the end of 2023. At present, there are 18 stalls in total in the Horta da Mitra Market. The original 13 stalls of meat, fish, frozen meat and vegetables have resumed business on the day and the overall operation has been smooth. In addition, the remaining 5 stalls have been put out to public tender in October last year and have entered the tender assessment stage.

The reorganisation plan involved preservation of the architectural appearance of Horta da Mitra Market, additional installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems, improvement of the lighting system, upgrade of the sewerage equipment of the market, addition of barrier-free public toilets and facilities, adjustment of the ratio of male and female toilet cubicles, etc. Furthermore, the layout of the market has been adjusted through the reorganisation works. The vending zone and the work zone are specially equipped with independent entrances and exits for separation between the flow of consumers shopping in the market and that of the stall vendors’ transportation of goods. Consumers can access the market through the two entrances and exits in Rua de Horta e Costa, one of which has been changed to a barrier-free ramp to facilitate the public’s use. Meanwhile, goods can enter the market through the logistics area in Rua de Henrique de Macedo to achieve the separation of dry and wet zones. In coordination with the air-conditioning and ventilation systems and the daily management of the market, the wet and slippery environment of the traditional market has been improved.

With the full cooperation of the market stall vendors and the hawkers outside the market, the reorganisation and optimisation works inside and outside Horta da Mitra Market have been completed at the end of last year according to the schedule. The Municipal Affairs Bureau will continue to optimise the integrated management to establish a comfortable and neat image of the market, so as to provide the public with pleasant shopping experiences.

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