Macau’s Water Supply can be safeguarded till Spring

During the Seminar on “Conserving Water and Combating Salt Tide in Zhuhai and Macau”, Mr Guo Zhongqiu, Director of Zhuhai Ocean and Fisheries Bureau told the media that the third round of water transfer has been launched. All the standby pumping machines in Pinggang Pumping Station have been in use and a total of 1,300,000 cubic meters of water is drawn daily. He said, according to the present situation, water supply to Macau and Zhuhai can be safeguarded until Spring next year. He then urged the public of Macau to be relieved. He added that water conservation is a social behavior in a conservation-oriented society, and yet the two governments are confident in securing their water supply. Since the construction of Zhuyin Reservoir is going to be completed by the end of next year, with its water capacity of 43,000,000 cubic meters, the needs of water supplied to Macau and Zhuhai can be met until 2020, provided that the economic development of both cities is at a pace like today’s. Speaker of the seminar, Ms. Zhao Xiaolin, Assistant Chief Engineer of Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC) said that the water transfer project is a short-term measure. She said that if we wanted to solve the problem of Macau’s water supply, apart from searching water sources in Zhuhai, we had to establish a controlled system of the basin. She explained that the Datengxia Hydroelectric Project, which is to be constructed shortly, would be able to help Macau to solve such problem fundamentally. According to Ms. Zhao, the project is undergoing approval from the National Development and Reform Committee. The construction is expected to start at the end of this year, at the soonest, and is going to take 9 years to complete. Speaking of the Datengxia Hydroelectric Project, Susana Wong Soi-man, Head of the Working Group on the Development of a Water Conservation Society, revealed that in addition to the Expression of Interest signed by the Macau SAR government with the PRWRC, the SAR government is going to sign a formal agreement on the granting of a financial assistance of 800 million RMB to support the project. Wong said that the amount would be mainly used for the relocation of residents and for the soil and water conservation in the affected areas due to the construction. Besides the Datengxia Project, which is a long-term measure to tackle the problem of Macau’s water supply, the SAR government has already granted an interest-free loan of 450 million RMB to support the construction of Zhuyin Reservoir, which is comparatively an interim measure.

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